Week 32 – Rachael Peabody

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Rachael Peabody, Week 32

Okay so the pony is not mine.  This is a character named Rarity from the G4 My Little Pony series “Friendship is Magic”.  If there are any bronies/pegasisters in our audience then you already know this.  I saw an image of an amazing group shot of the mane 6 carved into a pumpkin and knew I couldn’t do it.  But Rarity is my favorite pony so I wanted to try and carve her image into a pumpkin.  First I chose this image from Google…

It seems pretty simple.  Much more simple than the group carving.  Since I don’t have in-process photos, we’ll skip to getting the basics done.

An incredibly sharp knife (not shown) was a big help with all the curves and a chopstick made easy work of the sparkle in her eye.  It was a multi-day project because sleep and work kept getting in my way.  But today I finally had it gutted and worked on making her body lighter than the rest of her (as she is a white unicorn).

Two LED lights, a candle and an iPad flash later and here she is!  It looked a bit better with the two LEDs and a flash light.  I lost the nose and ear bits but otherwise I am really happy with this.  I really like the way her tail came out, even if it doesn’t show up in this image too well.  And I know I’m almost a week late for Halloween but I wasn’t about to throw my pumpkin away!


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