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R.A.Matheson started writing short stories at the age of five, and poetry at about the age of thirteen. He found his true voice in 2005, when three influences collided in his life to give sound to his poetic voice. The influences of Gordon Massman, The Mars Volta, and an excellent Literature professor at about the same time in his life “woke” Richard up.

Matheson values honest poetry. A writer cannot be honest if he or she is writing as if their significant other is watching over their shoulder. A poet cannot be afraid of what they might write. As David Biespiel said, “A poet’s greatest fear is that he will flinch.” R.A. believes that writers must dig deep, and expose whatever rises to the surface.

Richard writes fast, without watching the screen or thinking. Usually, he doesn’t remember what he wrote. This method provides the unique experience of reading his own pieces with the feeling as if someone else had written them.

His works can be purchased at

I never actually made a conscious decision that I would become an artist; it’s just something I’ve always done for as long as I can remember.  From drawing the cartoons on the cereal boxes when I was 6 to my first camera when I was 12. I love it all, this fabulous creative space in my mind…

Welcome to my imagination:  In my world I see everything as beautiful, even if the consensus say’s it’s not, because I believe everything is beautiful.  From the building left abandoned , now crumbling beneath its own weight to the magnificent beauty of a field of grass glistening in the rising sun after its been kissed by the morning dew.  Both I say, are equally grand in their own right and this is what I strive for with each of my pieces.  To  illustrates this beautiful peaceful place that I believe exist not only in our mind but in everything and everywhere, no matter what it is, for me is truly a beautiful thing!!!


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Location: Everywhere

A Meredith native, Kelly has been creating art since she could hold a pencil.  She received a BA in art from Plymouth State College, has been published by many US game companies, and published internationally in England, Germany, Belgium and Australia.  Currently following passion for animals and medicine by pursuing career in veterinary technology, Kelly is involved in numerous community service clubs on the local, national and international level, including Altrusa International of Meredith.  She donates time to local non-profits such as the NH Humane Society, and she will be teaching public art classes in Meredith starting in the summer of 2011.

Hi Im ashley Davene and I am a Musician, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, Artist ❤ sweet – I have been writing, my entire life! Passionate less about content in regards to grammar and punctuation, passionate more about connection and feeling. The most important quality for my music, art, teaching, writing -life – to posess – Is Honesty, nothing is right or wrong , everything shows up as love if the moment is authentic. I spent much of my youth writing essays and short stories, poetry, and mostly music. Lacking the faith or confidence to showcase any of my artistic abilities I hid them away until just after my 22nd birthday. A blizzard in NH later, a bold move Id make, and end up discovering myself quietly away from distractions open to thought and scenery id learn to embody the poet, I found my creative recipe – and the choice was no longer whether or not to display it- the only choice was to LIVE it. I believe your art is you, and it should be lived in every moment. SO- the journey continues my artistic roller coaster ride through life- splashing up paintings, inspired by impressionism and mixed media, and abstract art- my favorite medium is Acrylic, writing songs, love stories, thoughts, blogs, poems, articles, creating spiritual forums, workshops and classes, I love champagne with fruit in it on hott summer days, kitty cats,  cat naps, good yawns, great paper backs, writing, the rain, dancing, dancing in the rain – laughing, hott cups of coffee, friends, singing into a microphone, creating art- living it- sharing it


Ashley Davene – Check out more about my music and spiritual advising at –

Bob grew up waking up at 5am every Saturday. In the dark quiet hours before the rest of his family awoke, he was lucky enough to find a TV show called Captain Bob. Captain Bob was a drawing show for kids. Captain Bob was a soft spoken but passionate instructor. His simple and clear approach to drawing inspired Bob to scramble for a scrap piece of paper and pencil so he could follow the lesson. Bob would faithfully follow the art instruction from Capt. Bob for years. This led to an appreciation and fascination with art in all it’s forms and ultimately to a degree in Art Education.

Unfortunately, the tax paying world at large didn’t have the same passion for the Arts. Bob’s initial job search out of college made it clear that quality art programs were very rare, and even those still placed art below the other disciplines. Fortunately, a little thing called the internet was an emerging job market. Bob was able to leverage his design skills with some some down-and-dirty coding skills into an entry level job.

Today, Bob has taken his almost 15 years in web design/development and partnered with a long-time colleague to create their own business venture called The Big Studio. We help re-teach our clients how to tap into the creative process to help innovate their products and brands. Within the creative and teaching process, Bob is still able to utilize the lessons he learned as an 8 year old watching Capt. Bob.

Thanks Captain Bob!


Bio Coming Soon

My name is Alana and I make things. I tend to talk too much about myself so I’ll leave it at that. If you’re overly curious you can find out more about me here.


My name is Michael Mooney but you can call me Michael Mooney. I create art using a variety of mediums- oil/ acrylic paints, pen/ ink, pencil, oil pastels and my digital camera. I have a desire to create art and I am always striving to improve my technique.
I’ve been told that I am all over the map and I need to stick to one style; respectively I disagree with them all. I like being all over the map as I love to work in many different styles.
Therefore, I have created a category for myself and that category is: Unconventialism. I am an unconvential artist and there are many other unconventionalists out there, however, we tend to side with society and pick a category that has been established over the years. Not anymore!
This is my first TGAP and it’s going to be quite the adventure.

I can’t write my biography in the third person without feeling as if someone is watching me.  Enjoy, instead, this autobiography!

I am a twenty-something year old from Vermont who works in a coffee factory until the wee hours of the morning in order to support my terrible art addiction.  I enjoy sketching and inking comic pages, making digital comic pages and images, and writing.  I own two fish: Poptart and Lieutenant Snackables.

Love music, love to sing, love to paint and celebrate nature.  Family, heart, hearth, & home are my main focus.

Cameron’s life is a performance, with never a dull moment. With being completely obsessed with film and a deep passion for adventure, this kids always on the move. He’s often the underestimated and outspoken one. Too bad theres no script to know whats going to happen next.


Being the recent graduate from High School, Cam’s attending school for Media Arts(even though his true passion is acting!). Also being involved with gay right activist groups and spending any moment out of the house on adventures, Cameron loves art in almost every form it’s in!


Spending 19 years in New Hampshire, he is ready to explore the world!


Cameron has participated in TGAP 1 and TGAP 2. He is ready to show off what he’s got!


Be, aka Betty Jarra, is situated on the other side of the planet. This is a place she loves most when the sun shines on her and leaves the rest of you in darkness.
Be is at the moment making a living balancing brains.
She can read your mind as easy as a pilot reads his planisphere.
She walks streets but is heading for the sky.
She has travelled deeper on the inside than on the outside but will try to make up for this in the future. As she is now more or less inside-out all further journeys could start long after they are finished, end up in the opposite direction, make infinte circles and vice versa. 
Everything is possible……..and has already happened!


Her streets can be walked on here:

and you can dive into her inside right here:

Kenia Cris is always involved in multiple projects all going at once. She lives in a non-coastal state in Brazil and spent most of her life travelling places in paper boats inside all sorts of books once she had no free unlimited access to the sea. She likes cooking, writing, photography, dogs, surrealism in art and literature, cinema, anthropology and philosophy.

amber has been living a life shrouded in organization,  business, and science with only a vague recollection of a time when music, acting and art filled her days.  this is her first attempt at TGAP… let the games begin!

Brian Weeks has recently settled back in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley after a six-year stint braving the harsh conditions of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He lives in Lebanon with his husband, Ron, and their cute little Rat Terrier, Diesel. His interests include stream-of-conciousness Wikipedia searches, 70s and 80s pop culture, and posting snarky comments on Facebook in 428 characters or less.

Bio coming soon

This is my first time involved in any art projects with other artists, and for that I’m grateful. My passion is music- a lot of that comes through my art. Blank sheet of paper, pencil, and A imagination is all I need to get by. I’m currently living in Kingman, AZ-  not much to do around here so drawing is my playtime. Looking forward to seeing some amazing work….


Kevin Contreras is a professional procrastinator and napping specialist with a penchant for taking pretty pictures.  He is currently based in Phoenix, AZ, but hopes to move to an alternate reality soon.  This is his first attempt at TGAP…

I’m a lover of smooches, hugs, the number 3 and music of all kinds. And I love art.

Creating art and enjoying the art of others, no matter the medium, subject or talent, is something I look forward to daily. It’s all interesting to me.

I’m not serious about my art, but I’m serious about the therapeutic joy/outlet it gives me to create something.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and my best friend is a bush.

Devin Eldridge is a 30 year old mother to a 10 year old son and a non-professional picturer-taker that loves to keep memories alive.  Recently, she has (almost) completed one of the big goals in her life: losing 100 pounds in one year.