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Bob grew up waking up at 5am every Saturday. In the dark quiet hours before the rest of his family awoke, he was lucky enough to find a TV show called Captain Bob. Captain Bob was a drawing show for kids. Captain Bob was a soft spoken but passionate instructor. His simple and clear approach to drawing inspired Bob to scramble for a scrap piece of paper and pencil so he could follow the lesson. Bob would faithfully follow the art instruction from Capt. Bob for years. This led to an appreciation and fascination with art in all it’s forms and ultimately to a degree in Art Education.

Unfortunately, the tax paying world at large didn’t have the same passion for the Arts. Bob’s initial job search out of college made it clear that quality art programs were very rare, and even those still placed art below the other disciplines. Fortunately, a little thing called the internet was an emerging job market. Bob was able to leverage his design skills with some some down-and-dirty coding skills into an entry level job.

Today, Bob has taken his almost 15 years in web design/development and partnered with a long-time colleague to create their own business venture called The Big Studio. We help re-teach our clients how to tap into the creative process to help innovate their products and brands. Within the creative and teaching process, Bob is still able to utilize the lessons he learned as an 8 year old watching Capt. Bob.

Thanks Captain Bob!