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Week 52- Ashley Davene

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 52

Well loves – welcome, one last time to my dim lit corner – here I sit – legs laced on my stool – heart heavy on the inhale and weightless on the exhale suggesting that all things come & go – & the good ones forever – I love you as the light dims on this corner – I love you as the day breaks over each and every solitary moment – I love you in the timelessness of forever, in the flight of the doves wing, the neighbors cry, the mothers recognizing words, the fathers loving whispers, I love you as all the things that are, have been, will be and were, the stars lining with crimson moons and soaking up lifes moisture, I love the mist that anticipates every time you draw and release a breath, the heart beat in the chest that rises and falls, and I each time with it. I love you as everything, so you see in deed – my mystical friends- there is no begg. there is no end –

The rain fell against the window –transient

And I fell in love again there

All of the days tastes dropped into jars id collected

Id dipped lavishly into the river of all things

No plan in the rain stopping

No plan on what comes next or continuation

Waiting for the pulse to stop waiting for the water to turn off

And then the floods came

And I inhaled and exhaled with eyes and mouth open

Thought I couldn’t come over it

Thought id never live again or breathe again

Or live to hear a heartbeat inside of my body besides my own

Or a husband tell me he loves me

There in those waves water crashing

I became transient floating

Methodically with the current

Soothed by the upheaval to feel

Less than worthy of anything

Knowing that from that moment forward

I would not drink another meal

And eat another glass of water

Over coming in that moment the confiscating winds inside myself

Calming the tides , residing in a space of the ocean un-afraid

Truly, fully, not the victim – but at a

A café if you will, a cloud there floating

taken up

Am one with it

With everything and with nothing

And I know then

I know that I AM the great spirit

That we are one with all things

Stilling the hush of dilapidation

Surfacing weightless gliding

Effortlessly upon the blue cascading water

Raptured in frothy foamy surf

Some how returned to the shore

& all the better for it

-Friends and fellows- much love throughout this 52 week geek project – this wild beautiful ride on lifes rocket – projecting in shots that we all served up & I am grateful / blessed to have been able to share time, energy & space with such beautiful souls, & talented artists.

-ThE End


Ashley Davene

Week 51- Ashley Davene

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 51

Wow went the girl in a whirlwind

with feathers in her hair

which way was up was down

whichever way was up the stairs

didnt care – either – the elevator

the lift car- the all to familiar piggy back ride into the night

legs locked tight


corner of her hankerchief

the initials


the love kept beating

the blood seeps

and gave her the strength to carry on without a plan

I am

she said

climbed the spiral

stoked the coal

fanning the fire of

her soul

Week 50 – Ashley Davene

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 50

How deep does it go

Deep beneath the roots of the sycamore tree

Embracing the rushing that washes over me

A paint brush you overlap my soul

Take part in me

Dishearten me

Take me back to the start of me

We already are


Lights that shine ‘

And are dust

The planet

Your foot steps against the hard wood

Your breath

Your touch

That I would go to the end of the earth

And back again for

As fabrics sway in the window

Lean into glass panes  

And then press themselves out again

I fade into your mystic

I fade into your magic

the sun slinks over the hill

my darling I love you still


-Solo Monologue-  Small town Southern Bell handles news of possible asteroid hit / apocoplypse – 12/21/2012 – gives a wealthy plantation owner a ring –

:::ring ring:::::

hey darlin yea its me callin uh huh – yes,  mmm sweet – so nice to hear your voice as well

your every bit as charmin as a sweet southern buscuit and refreshing to the lips as tupelo honey

so, I was reading today them old boys talking about an asteroid that was headed right on over this way toward our little bit plantation land in sweet virginia, can you even believe it? Now why would a big old rock wanna go and do a thing like that.

so…. so look honey….pause…honey I was thinkin… well being that its just me and … you know the old air plant and all and mr bo jangles, well honey maybe we could pack ourselves up right nice and come on down to your place if things get to start looking like them big old boys might be right… ill fix you some of them biscuits we were talkin bout, bring you over a jar of fresh made honey… be your little honey…

well honey what do you think?

…ohh really…


you dont think anythings bigs gonna be hittin, and I shouldnt be scared huh…

well… what about just incase…

… oh really… oh well great honey, Ill stock up on the supplies, you go buy us a helicopter.

oh now look honey your the best

(hangs up phone… )


I sure do hope them big ole boys are right! Id mighty like to spend that much time held up with handsome and a jar of tupelo honey.

Week 48- Ashley Davene

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 48

From the Garden one can learn a ton about life – in its ability to create – move forward, grow, transform 

the way peas climb up a trelace to cuddle against it

or flowers curve up vines to bloom next to their chosen lovers

mud squishing between feet as dirt is drenched while water pours down

seeds relishing in all things messy muddy – the core of their very being

and all the things they draw back to as they arch higher and higher toward the sun

sacred life springs forth from the garden

and so in the same way that I have desired this 52 week geek process to get me in the swing of consistent posting as an artist, as well as to grow and transform me – here are some garden examples of such a show –


Pumpkin first day in the ground 2/26/2012;

Pumpkin 3 days in the ground – thriving 2/29/2012;

Even Peas Like to Cuddle;

On February 5th Look how far away these loves were;

But they were determined to be together and so on February 26th – Behold;

Week 47 – Ashley Davene

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 47

The sky iridescently possible

Dancing for me there on and endless day

Sweet sugared water with fresh squeezed lemon

Remnants of violet – streaks of blueberry pie

And crumbs on my apron

There and all the world so full to me

The blades of grass bent under pieces of lace

The only trace of activity within me my heart beat

And the way my body responded to the heat

Perking up against it feeling home against the warmth of the worlds fireplace

A welcomed friend in a February wind

Is this what it means

As sweet drops of sweat roll into your mouth

Blueberries still strike the backsplash

Your temple is whole you are well

And suddenly you give it all back

In gratitude for each and every singular moment of your life

Whatever it was

However it felt

Whatever led you to this field of unconditional bliss with self

That when acting from that space life comes delicately


To be

Unconditionally tapped to the source

Without question

Without direction

That love knows where and when it is going

Even if you don’t know

And in that I fall back into the lilies

And into me I welcome all things

Week 46- Ashley Davene

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 46

 A Midnight Sonnet

Rivers flow our mouths are wet with words,

yet behold with tears my eyes are met

words that arch and burn like sun – they pop and sizzle back

they twist and turn and tear things up and wait as we react

to ride the night the rivers flood

to toss it in our sack

to skirt the call the night has won

as ever we were the lack

I watch in waves

it moves as one

as if our hearts had met

a lovers call the moon a song

a midnight sonnet dedicated

to your touch


Week 45 – Ashley Davene

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 45

So this weeks geek is a poem accompanied by a photo – inspired by those moments of such intense passion that while your mind screams – your such an asshole – everything else about you trembles because you want to take yourself and twist all over their glistening body –


OMMMMM shanti Shanti SHanti


I’m Twisted Over You

The breathe of love drops


Inherent thought beats

Wildly through your body

Desires sounds you answer it

You arch up and feel the way that your flesh

Feels there pressed against the stiffness

The presence the sanctity – there coiled around

Wrapped around arching pressing, seducing

Becoming one with

I’m Twisted over you

Week 44 – Ashley Davene

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 44

All Ties Cast Off

Sky lit up as the boat pulled away from the shore

Rolling on a waves end cap

An afternoon that felt like it would always be an afternoon

Had started to drift into night

Clouds melted into a hazy blue

Languid air

A horizon that burned ahead with a sparkling fire

The moon stood full faced above me

The wooden boat a dish

Stars cascading over

Land broke flush against a deep horizon

seen through wonders shadowy lens

Whispering words

Rolling like the drops of melted dew

flowing like a sweet southern muddy river

Calling me inward

I went

An endless sea a dropping anchor

Beyond An echoing shore

The vessel pulled round

The land and the sea

for a time, were mine

and now all ties cast off

from shore

Week 43- Ashley Davene

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 43

If I were an Artist –

If every moment I were an artist

How would that mean I would live

If every color was endless

Would I give would I give

Would I live?

Would I paint to the top of the mountain

Would I swim with the whales in the sea

Like a flower that blooms and the petals that blow

Or the feather that floats and is free

Tint of dawn that erupts in the morning

Touch of day that waves into the night

Silver star that lights up our atmosphere

Radiant moon, lets us know we’re alright

If I could paint would I paint there

My orchestra

Broader strokes as the heat lifts with tune

If I were a painter would I be at that table

Taste of sunlight taste of paris

Taste of june

c. 2012  Ashley Davene

Week 42- Ashley Davene

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 42

 know that ultimately we are love at the end of the day, that we’re in a story taking part to teach us how to fully open to the highest capacity of what that means –

thus I am led to scribble out and hang on the wall – a section of a teaching from


that reminds us to be humble –


Week 41 – Ashley Davene

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 41

A Sunday Kind of Feeling

 A tin can of flour is shaken off

The yellow paint cracks off and the bottoms a bit rusted

Mama wipes her hands on her apron

The clock hangs lightly against the wall

We never really rely on them

Sure we look at them and they remind us to wake up

To take lunch, to be at an important meeting

And we listen to them in this house for that reason

But other than that momma and daddy have no real place to be

Other then where they are

Atleast that’s how me and brother always feel

When they are wrapped in each others arms

When he’s making her laugh it rings out into the air

And its like time stands still there

We know that everything is right in the world

On these, grace filled Sunday mornings

I wait for the breakfast to be done,

For daddy to think up an adventure

Nothing really passes my mind

everything can wait for tomorrow

Today I am a witness of real love

 I am thankful

Week 40 – Ashley Davene

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 40

Happy New Year- Poetry- Happy – Happy – Love- Love

Its in her Purr

Kitty wakes up and brushes aside streamers and tassles

She blinks themoondust out of her eyes

She brushes her hair and sparkles fly

Noise streamers release into the day hailing

The magic of the night

Streaming into the morning

She blinks – the images soften

Her heart melts too and she serves it up

In a book, on her chest, as words to friends, songs she sings, and sometimes careless whispers

As everything about everything the magic folds in and out of her doing

She purrs, stretches her long paws

And laps up the cream in her bowl

Grateful for the decadence, grateful for the road

Grateful for the gray cat the purrs eloquently

And watches kitty from a fence post, through her window

Happy New Year she signals by dipping a paw into her breakfast

And savoring it

Happy new year she says to him though wordless

She loves him, you can feel it in her purr.

The Fullness of Love  

A dream bursts open

Pushed through the petals of the flower

Rising there with the dawn

The sun, arching down


The rain

Tears of absolution

Solitary reminders of the beauty

Crying eyes of the sky

Ever grateful for the present flower

With open petals and open dreams

Streams of magic reaching up


The sky that folds into

One flower wishing



Nutrients flooding its being

Pulled through from the soils of the earth

Life force presently existing meeting there in the middle

Forming the pathway from ground to sky to

The solitary flower in the middle

Light pink petals are full

Ready to be picked by the loving hand of the man that passes by

And honors this sacred space of fruition

The ripe flower, the petals, ready to fall

Back into the soil crying out for its time to

Share all of the love that it holds

Purpose to the heavenly manifestation

Comes from his hands gathered there

Steadily holding the stem

Chills rise up the spine

The thrill of walking presence

The reason for its birth

The petals feel alive caressing the flesh of his palm

Each step a sacred blend

Of everything

The flower he hands to the girl

Sitting in the grass in the garden

He finds her with her eyes closed, soaking up the sun

The rainbow filaments dropping down

The breath of air that is rising in her chest

the knowledge of ever constant connection

the flower a symbol of the love they grow

the love that manifests between them

the rain falls down around them

and all the petals fall

the flowers work is done

and now – there amongst everything

the two souls join as one

Week 38- Ashley Davene

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 38

I call this weeks Geek –

“Senor Don Gato”    acrylic on canvas inspired by a real cool cat

Week 37 – Ashley Davene

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 37

This weeks geek went back to a very favorite medium for  me -Acrylic on canvas – just a quick afternoon – heres what im feeling – a reflection of my time spent here in the vineyards – surrounded by mountains, questions, and vines – a clear lit path through the dark, and the vibe that somehow – someway – spirit is always present

hence the cave is lit in gold – as I cross through to the otherside i too – drip with gold paint ❤

Week 36- Ashley Davene

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Ashley Davene

Week 35 – Ashley Davene

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 35

So.. this week I decided to sort of play around with the concept of a Haiku  – so I wrote  4 Haikus and then did a little water color picture to accompany the story – if you will –

Open table  jar


echo the sky


Solemn beat

Dove’s wing



Across the night

Steady rising



I lay awake


Cross my heart

Week 34 – Ashley Davene

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 34

Great Mishapen Basket

 there I am with my basket

Clutched tightly to my heart

Standing in the market square as bodies sway apart

Would they see if they stopped to stare

What im hiding what Im hiding

My love burns hot my cupboards bare

Inside of me inside of me

The tock does tick

As moments pass

And each one does offend me

Reflection stares that’s cold as glass

I wonder if he’ll send for me  

What love to starve a maidens heart

And arms left undefended

My basket clutched against my heart

to silence the ways that I love him

tears that fall into the street

brand the dusty pavement

a breath that catches inside my breast

I wonder if he’ll save me

To love him not, the sands of time

Did not spin tight the earth

Deny the sweet of your caress

No sooner deny my birth

And so I hold against my heart

This great misshapen basket

So that it not fall apart

Another fool to grab it



Week 33- Ashley Davene

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 33