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Stacey Lucas– also known as Veggie Art Girl– is a freelance artist and creator of all things swirly and colorful.  She likes to make art out of junk.  She likes to paint words.  She likes to be messy, but enjoys the organization in small, random things in life: collecting hardware in old pickle jars, cooking yummy meals and making to-do lists.  She is most centered when she has a Sharpie marker in her hand and is writing on a crisp piece of paper.

Stacey has a classically trained artistic eye and a degree in graphic design, but her creations tend to be a little offbeat and her artistry is fresh and whimsical.  She owns her own funky and unique consignment art boutique on Squam Lake in Holderness, NH.  This is Stacey’s first time participating in the TwinGeekz Artz Project.