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Well, I couldn’t very well promote the TwinGeekz Logo Challenge in my Geekmaster posts and then not do one myself, now could I?  So, here it is…

Geekman and Gobin

TwinGeekz logo attempt 2

Well, fellow geek- W.C. Pelon raised the bar this week, so I am coming back strong with another version of the geekz logo. I have several more ideas I wanted to try out for this, however, this is all I had time for.

Nice work Bill! Love the Mario!


“8 Bit Geekz”

This week I had set out to work on another video game inspired wooden tile mosaic as I did in week 9, but after seeing Michael Mooney’s take on the Twin Geekz logo I was inspired to do another redesign.  I’ve been looking at a lot of sprites from old games as reference, and I figured these two iconic brothers would be a great fit for the logo.

I made a grid in Photoshop and constructed all the objects (Mario/Luigi, the warp pipe, question blocks, etc.) pixel by pixel from NES screenshots and the lettering is the “System” font that’s bundled with Windows.    Now it’s back to work on more tile art.  I got some great suggestions as to which character I should do next, but you’re going to have to wait until next week to see which one I chose– it’s bound to make at least one of my fellow geekz very happy!

Twin Geekz logo Challenge!

Well, I excepted the challenge and this is what I created!

I much like this and I think I would even -dare I say?- yes, I dare… print this on a shirt!! 🙂

Enjoy folks!




Here is the TGAP logo reimagined as Art Nouveau. Other Geekz have tried their hand at rebooting the logo, and here’s my first attempt. This wasn’t what I intended to do this week – I was fooling around in Inkscape, and looking at some Art Nouveau books, and the piece was half done before I realized what I was making.

The idea has been tossed around to challenge all the Geekz to redo the logo one week, just for fun. I still have another idea for that, if the gauntlet is laid down. 😀

“Steampunk Geekz”

resources: Photoshop CS5, clip art, custom shapes for Photoshop

This week I decided to try my hand at reworking the classic Twin Geekz logo.   I’m a big fan of  steampunk/victorian/retro/industrial themes, so I tried to incorporate that while retaining elements of the original.