Week 51- Michael Mooney

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Lake Waukewan- Winter 2012

Lake Waukewan- Winter 2012

Here’s a shot from a couple of weeks ago. It was a very warm Winter this year with minimal snow and ice so it was nice to see the bob houses get out on the ice while they could!




Week 51- Kelly Bennett

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Very early stages of very large project. I am painting a plaster cast of a lakes region breast cancer survivors torso, for an auction in June, event is featured at http://www.gettingplastered.com all the money raised from the auction will go to forest moon foundation to help women become survivors from breast cancer. my cast is being painted with Alice in Wonderland theme to symbolize the feelings of being lost, confused, and scared when being diagnosed with serious disease, and i am useing the down the rabbit hole and chesire cat imagery to represent the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. this peice wont be finished till about June but i wanted to share it anyways


Nana – 

Hi, it’s me. I just called

To say it’s been nearly

one-year since you left

and I’m still not over it yet. I


Feel my heart compress

inside my ribs every time,

Every time, I stop to remind

Myself that you’re gone. Yes,


I still have that message

From you in my voicemail

Inbox. I can’t erase it –


Am trying to figure out how

To save it when I get

A new phone plan. You


would’ve come with me

to set it up if you were still

with me I would have added


You to the family plan.

Week 51- Elizabeth Fox

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Week 51- Devin Eldridge

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Week 51- Caron Thomas

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Week 51- Betty Jarra

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Week 51- Ashley Davene

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Wow went the girl in a whirlwind

with feathers in her hair

which way was up was down

whichever way was up the stairs

didnt care – either – the elevator

the lift car- the all to familiar piggy back ride into the night

legs locked tight


corner of her hankerchief

the initials


the love kept beating

the blood seeps

and gave her the strength to carry on without a plan

I am

she said

climbed the spiral

stoked the coal

fanning the fire of

her soul

Week 51- Amber Perkins

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Well, Geekz and Geekfanz–

As of tomorrow we will begin uploading our 52nd and final week of TGAP 3.  Can you believe it?  I just wanted to encourage anyone who is at all behind to try to catch up and post that last week’s submission before next Sunday, March 25th.  My hubby and I just caught up this weekend– having both gotten ourselves many weeks behind– and I can tell you, it feels great!  I hope you all will be able to do the same.

After we complete this little adventure, perhaps we could take a couple weeks– say, until the middle of April– to review each other’s Workz and leave some feedback in the comments.  It’s always nice to hear what others have to say.  After that it might be nice to schedule some sort of event, as we did after the first TGAP, for those of us who are close enough to attend.  I’ll work on scheduling that and keep you posted.

Congratulations on a job (almost) done, Folkz!


–the GM

Jupiter and Venus

I love the simplicity…

And I had to post this box.  I was issued a death threat by a fellow geek if I didn’t post it, too.  Done with nail polish.

Week 51 Photobug Shar

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Week 51 – w.c. pelon

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Anime Wallpaper 2.0

This week’s submission is a reboot of an anime style wallpaper I created in Week 28.

Click the image for full view

Week 50 – Brian Weeks

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Week 50- Sue O’Connor

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The hair.  THE HAAAAAIR…


Week 50- Photobug Shar

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