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Week 44- w.c. pelon

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Rendered in Daz 3D, postwork in Photoshop CS5

Week 44- Sue O’Connor

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Early Chill

Week 44- Robyn Anne Piper

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I drew this Picture’s Worth before I bothered to search for a quote to go with it, as I do with most of them.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a quote using the word “dapper”. 

So… I am putting it to my fellow Geekz to help me come up with one.  Help!  Help!

I’ve been playing a new game with one of my friends.  I’d also been trying to practice with my new tablet.  Here is the meeting of those two.  His name is Sak.  He has a haunted shadow.

Week 44- Photobug Shar

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My friends daughter ran in the Fred’s Team NY Marathon…. Several family memebers and alot of Lula’s friends went to show their support so she wanted to make T-Shirts that everyone could wear showing their support of her and the event.   We also created a huge banner for the party afterwards.

Week 44- Kelly Bennett

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tattoo drawn for a coworkers foot, the Kanji symbols mean will power


Analyzing Distance I


When we’re young how we

Long to be close to the trauma.


The boy who shot himself in

The head becomes the brother

Of the sister you

Made jelly with in Home Ec;


That girl in the coma,

The one who drove her truck

Into the river? Yeah,

She gave me a ride home.



The kid who’d lost

His hair and never

Returned, sends us

Pouring out the front

Steps of the church,

Play doh through the brains

of the Fuzzy Pumper

Barbershop ready for a trim.


Older, now, we like

Our tragedy further away,

A war fought overseas, and

When the bodies come back

Under flags, we

Don’t want photos.

Week 44- Devin Eldridge

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Week 44- Betty Jarra

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Week 44- Amber Perkins

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Week 44~ Caron Thomas

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One picture is one side and then I flipped them around and took another picture.


Brian Weeks – Week 44

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Downtown Montreal

Week 44 – Elizabeth Fox

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Back Rooms of My Mind- Door 290112

Here is another drawing (pen/ink ) from my “Back Rooms of My Mind” series. This is an on going series that will continue throughout my life.


Week 44 – Ashley Davene

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All Ties Cast Off

Sky lit up as the boat pulled away from the shore

Rolling on a waves end cap

An afternoon that felt like it would always be an afternoon

Had started to drift into night

Clouds melted into a hazy blue

Languid air

A horizon that burned ahead with a sparkling fire

The moon stood full faced above me

The wooden boat a dish

Stars cascading over

Land broke flush against a deep horizon

seen through wonders shadowy lens

Whispering words

Rolling like the drops of melted dew

flowing like a sweet southern muddy river

Calling me inward

I went

An endless sea a dropping anchor

Beyond An echoing shore

The vessel pulled round

The land and the sea

for a time, were mine

and now all ties cast off

from shore

Week 44- Kevin Contreras

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Taliesin West  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home.  It is also a Architectural college.