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Week 39- w.c. pelon

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Dell “Hackintosh” Desktop Wallpaper

A wallpaper I threw together for use on a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running OS X 10.5.3

Here it is in action on the “Hackbook Pro”:

Week 39- Sue O’Connor

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New Life Frozen

Week 39- Robyn Anne Piper

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OK, this is a total cheese-out for a TGAP submission– I really just goofed around in Photoshop to create a funny facebook avatar– but since I spent five days baking Christmas cookies and a whole day delivering them, this is about all I’ve got in me.  LOL

I give you Cold Piper and Heat Piper (with apologies to both Rankin and Bass):


Week 39- Photobug Shar

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I AM the Light

Week 39- Kelly Bennett

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from Untitled Adolescent Novel continued. . .


Chapter Two




“Can you believe I haven’t been in here since school started,” said Sherry as she, Barbara -Bobby to her friends – ,James  and David walked into the Southfield House of Pizza.


“During the summer we were here just about everyday,” said Bobby as she walked through the door that her boyfriend, James, held open for her. “I can’t wait to bite into a sausage pizza.”


“Hurry up. You’re making me hungry,” ordered David.


The foursome chose a table near the large window over looking a highway and the apartment building that had once been a house when Southfield was a prosperous town across the highway. Their regular seat was taken by some family they had never seen before.


“Wonder whom them people in our seats are?” stated James as he shoved another mouthful of pizza into his mouth.


“I don’t know. They must be from Frankfort,” replied Bobby.


“Or they could have just moved here,” added Sherry.


“Well, why don’t we just find out,” said David as he stood up. “I’ll go right over there and say, ‘what the hell are you doing here in my seat?’” he turned and began to walk towards his regular table.


“David!” said Sherry in a low shout. “Sit down.”


David continued to walk.


“I’m so embarrassed,” said Sherry with her face in her hands with a faint laughter in her voice.


But David continued to walk past the table and into the bathroom.


“That chicken,” laughed James. “I knew he wouldn’t dare.”


“Well, neither would you, darling,” said Bobby.


“Wanna bet?” he challenged. “I’m not afraid of anything.”


“Yea, sure,” said Bobby sarcastically.


James stood up. “Here it goes.”


Bobby whispered in Sherry’s ear, “Don’t worry. He’s just going to join David in the little boy’s room.”


But when she looked up, James was seated at their regular table along with the strange woman, man, and two girls, one about their age, the other much younger.


“Hi,” said James as he pulled up a chair. “My name is James, Jame Broty.”


“Hello, James,” said the man. “This is my sister, Aida Gardner and her two daughters, Cordelia and Nina.”


Both girls shyly said, “Hi.”


James thought both the girls pretty. Cordelia with the shiny, black hair that curled away from her face, brown eyes and peaches and cream complexion. Her arm was in a sling. And Nina with her long, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin was dark. She looked nothing like her sister.


“The reason why I’m here is my friends and I like to meet everyone new who moves here, kind of like a welcome wagon. You did just more here, didn’t you?”


“Why, yes,” replied Aida, who looked almost identical to Cordelia. “We just arrived here yesterday.”


“Where are you from?”


“Well, I’ve been here for a while, but Aid and the girls are from ________,” replied the short, bald uncle.


“Oh,” responded James. “Have you always lived there?”


“No. I moved there when Corey was nine. When I married Nina’s father.”


That explained the difference in their appearance.


“Would you like to meet my friends?” asked James as he saw David exited the men’s room, shocked when he noticed where James was seated.


“Sure,” said Nina’s quiet little voice.


“Hey, you guys come over here,” commanded James, motioning to the table. Barbara and Sherry looked at each other, shrugged and got up and walked to the table. David grabbed a chair and sat next to  James. The two girls stood behind them.


“This is my best pal, David,” started James, “his girl, Sherry, and my love, Bobby.”


Only Aida noticed the hint of disappointment in Corey’s face.


James continued, “Meet Mrs. Aida Gardner. Her daughters, Nina and . . . and what was that name again?”


“Cor, her voice cracked, “Cordelia, but call me Corey, please.”


“And I’m Bill Plumber. Nice to meet you.”


“Nice to meet you,” said Bobby.


They talked for half an hour. But not much was said. James told the new comers about the town and the school and that was as far as it went.



Week 39- Devin Eldridge

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Week 39- Caron Thomas

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Week 39- Betty Jarra

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Week 39 – Amber Perkins

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Pages from Road Trip Album

Click on the title to see the PDF file.

'tis the season

Back to photography this week, switching mediums to keep things fresh for myself.

Merry Christmas!

I finally came up with a design for the quilt I plan on making from the vintage fabric I picked up from my grandmother’s home last summer. I have five various fabrics in a blue color scheme. I chose a very basic design to highlight the fabric itself. Now, I just need to learn how to use the sewing machine, and I’ll be in business. (See, THIS is why I could never be on Project Runway. I have the desire and the design talent, but not the skill in sewing…)

I think the design could work with solid fabrics in the same colors, also. To be honest, my least favorite color is blue, but the only fabrics that worked together happened to be in that hue.

The Fullness of Love  

A dream bursts open

Pushed through the petals of the flower

Rising there with the dawn

The sun, arching down


The rain

Tears of absolution

Solitary reminders of the beauty

Crying eyes of the sky

Ever grateful for the present flower

With open petals and open dreams

Streams of magic reaching up


The sky that folds into

One flower wishing



Nutrients flooding its being

Pulled through from the soils of the earth

Life force presently existing meeting there in the middle

Forming the pathway from ground to sky to

The solitary flower in the middle

Light pink petals are full

Ready to be picked by the loving hand of the man that passes by

And honors this sacred space of fruition

The ripe flower, the petals, ready to fall

Back into the soil crying out for its time to

Share all of the love that it holds

Purpose to the heavenly manifestation

Comes from his hands gathered there

Steadily holding the stem

Chills rise up the spine

The thrill of walking presence

The reason for its birth

The petals feel alive caressing the flesh of his palm

Each step a sacred blend

Of everything

The flower he hands to the girl

Sitting in the grass in the garden

He finds her with her eyes closed, soaking up the sun

The rainbow filaments dropping down

The breath of air that is rising in her chest

the knowledge of ever constant connection

the flower a symbol of the love they grow

the love that manifests between them

the rain falls down around them

and all the petals fall

the flowers work is done

and now – there amongst everything

the two souls join as one

Week 39- Kevin Contreras

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Door with locks…  Tucson Barrio December 23, 2011

They must have a really, really big key chain!

Week 39 – Rachael Peabody

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I know the whole “making your readers ask a fictional character questions” thing is a little old but I just jumped onto the idea and already got a lot of questions for this one character.  Also it’s Christmas!  Merry Christmas!

Week 39 – Elizabeth Fox

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