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Week 38 – w.c. pelon

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“Punk Vinyl Record Bowl & Paper Ornament”


Decorative bowl fashioned from a 7″ punk record & ornament from the record jacket.


Week 38 – Brian Weeks

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A second flashback/vignette from my novel-length work in progress – the working title is Time Is Standing In The Shadows

It was during Christmas break from college during their freshman year of college, in December 1987. Jack was trolling around the Pleasant Valley Mall, checking out the after-Christmas sales. He was very uncomfortable being back here. He was hoping he wouldn’t run into anyone he knew. They probably wouldn’t have recognized him anyway. His hair was in a crew cut, which he preferred now that he was at the Police Academy. He was wearing a ratty black Sex Pistols T-shirt, faded blue jeans, military boots, and a dangling silver cross earring. He suddenly realized he forgot to put on eyeliner this morning. That’s when Jack stopped short in the middle of the walkway. From across the mall, he spotted his friend Jason Barnes. He wanted to turn around and run away. He couldn’t face Jason looking like this. Wait a minute! What the fuck is he wearing? Jack thought to himself. He walked a little closer. Too close. He was spotted.

“Jack Marsh?” Jason ran over to Jack at top speed, dropping what he had in his hands. “Holy shit, man! You look different!” Jason gave Jack a hug.

“I could say the same for you, Jase. How the fuck are ya?” Jason touched at his hair, frosted blonde, in a modified duck’s ass style. “Doing well, Jack. Very well. I love art school. It is so fun. So,” Jason spun around for approval. “What do you think of my outfit? I made it myself for my fashion design class. I got an A.” Jack wished desperately for sunglasses. Jason had on a ridiculously oversized canary yellow blazer, complete with shoulder pads, a black and white checkered shirt, and baggy yellow trousers. Completing the ensemble were black and white saddle shoes from the 1950’s.

“It’s um… interesting. How many batteries does it take to light it up?” Jack smiled. “No. It looks good on you. But it’s a bit bright.”

Jason flushed and looked down at his shoes. “My instructor said bright primary colors are in this season.” He gave Jack a quick once-over. “Nice threads you’ve got on. Did they let you out of the concentration camp early today?” Jason laughed.
Jack shook his head. “Okay, so we’ve both changed a bit. I’m headed to the record store. Do you want to come with me?”

They walked along in silence, not really knowing what to say. They hadn’t seen each other in three months, but time and distance had made them two different people. The rest of the time they spent together in the mall that afternoon was uncomfortable and awkward. They both wanted to tell each other all about their new lives and new experiences, but they each thought the other wouldn’t understand, and then they would lose what little was left of their friendship.

Week 38- Robyn Anne Piper

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Week 38- Photobug Shar

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Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heavens door...

Week 38- Kelly Bennett

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Real Annalee Dolls, i created at the Meredith workshop. a "Snooki" Jersey Shore mouse in forground and Halloween mouse in background.


The saga continues. Below is the second half of Chapter One from my As of Yet Untitled Young Adult Novel.




The big day finally arrived. It was Sunday, the day they would being their new life. It was a two-day drive from Otter Creek, Kentucky, to Southfield, New Hampshire. They would spend a night in a hotel on the way.

“Do you have everything?” asked Aida as she wiped some grime off of her face with her apron. “Uncle Bill is ready to drive the truck if you do.”

“Yep, I just checked every corner of this place,” replied Corey.

“Let’s go,” said the tired mother as she ran towards the door that led out of the house they had called home for the past three years. “I’m ready to leave this hell-hole of a town.”

They ran out and jumped into their new station wagon anxious to reach their new home.

They reached their destination Wednesday afternoon.

“Think Uncle Bill will be worried about us?” asked Corey as she got out of the stuffy station wagon. “He probably got here yesterday.”

“He didn’t have a fifteen-year-old and a five-year-old girl with him,” replied her mother. “Here he comes now.”

“Thought you’d never get here,” he said as he stepped down the front steps of the small, white, one-floor house.”

“Well, we did,” replied Aida. “Did you get the furniture in the house okay?”

“You betcha,” was the uncle’s reply. “I had some guys from over at the pool house help me.”

“Did you see any kids around here?” asked Nina in a tired voice.

“I saw lots of kids here,” he answered. “Both of your ages, too. The neighborhood’s just crawling with them.”

“Well, tomorrow you can meet them. Tonight, let’s just get this stuff out of the car, then go in and get something to eat.”

“I hate to put a damper on things, Aida, but you have NO food,” said Bill.

“Do you know where a store is?” asked Corey, her first words since she arrived at her new home.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do,” answered Bill. “I will run and get something if you like.”

“No, I saw a pizza place just a minute from here. Why don’t you girls get cleaned up and we’ll go there,” suggested their mother.

“Sounds good to me,” said Cordelia as she picked up a suitcase with her only available arm. She walked up the stone walkway, up the front steps and into her new home.


In an hour, everyone was ready to go. Corey put on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, then her fall jacket over that. She wanted to cover her cast a bit.

The four of them piled into the station wagon and headed for the Southfield House of Pizza.

When they entered it, they found it was a place of little glamour. Video games lined the wall. Beer mirrors were hung up along the (color) walls. The tables had no table-clothes, yet it was cozy. they found a table near a wall and decided what to order.

Week 38- Elizabeth Fox

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Week 38- Devin Eldridge

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Week 38- Caron Thomas

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I painted the inside of this plastic ornament, experimenting as I went. I love the end result. It almost looks like blown glass.

Week 38- Betty Jarra

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Week 38- Ashley Davene

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I call this weeks Geek –

“Senor Don Gato”    acrylic on canvas inspired by a real cool cat

Week 38 – Amber Perkins

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Quit Clowning Around

Quit Clowning Around….. This is an 11″x14″ color pencil/ chalk pastels on textured Blue paper. The scan was cut off as my scanner is only capable of scanning 9″x12″. As you can see, everything is getting cut off.

I am sure everyone has heard this from someone they look up to before. Some parents don’t encourage kids to follow their dreams. Especially kids that dream of becoming a clown , a magician or an artist. Thankfully my parents encouraged me to take a chance and got out on that preverbal limb and follow my dreams.

All in all, I think everything has worked out okay and I am happy and health. This piece is dedicated to my parents!

Love you.

Cheers ya’ll and Merry Christmas!!

Week 38- Kevin Contreras

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Ants Marching…

Desert Botanical Garden  Phoenix, AZ Las Noches de las Luminarias

Eleven large-scale bugs created from natural materials by artist David Rogers are perched throughout the Garden.

David Rogers has carefully created these creatures from fallen or found wood, cut saplings, twigs, raw branches, twine, bark and other natural materials. The sculptures weigh from 300 to 1,200 pounds and range from seven feet to 25 feet long.

Week 38 – Rachael Peabody

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Well it’s not the best art I’ve ever done, but I got a digital drawing tablet last weekend and finally got some time to try it out.  Drew my new bettas for the record.

Week 38- Sue O’Connor

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Copper Rain