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Week 33- Sue O’Connor

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Night Panning

Week 33- Kelly Bennett

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Handmade stained glass picture frame:

green glass, clear glass and milk glass

After the Union

Musings on Julian Beck’s “Romeo and Juliet”


Death lurks from behind

The wall of paint. The young

Lovers never knew that first


Night they met that he’d be

There always – waiting

For their coming soon.


His green hair plastered

Down, he plans for your

Demise over a jar of


Mayonnaise. Black spots-

Or is it ink – seal the deal.

A young girl who’ll


Stab herself in the breast

Rather than live another

Crypt kept moment without.


Gosh, she barely breathed

Three minutes betwixt his

Drink and her awakening and


The dagger in the chest

is always a promise

in the mist of the cave.

Week 33- Caron Thomas

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Caron Thomas, Week 33

I bought some clear Christmas bulbs from Michael’s and spray painted the inside of them. Some I just blasted, some I sprayed the paint in the bottom, let it pool then swirled around. I intend to make more of these for sure.

Week 33- Betty Jarra

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Week 33 – Amber Perkins

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Applique Skirt

Week 33-Elizabeth Fox

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Week # 33 Photobug Shar

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Harmony & Balance

Week 33- Devin Edlridge

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Week 33-Michael Mooney

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Michael Mooney, Week 33

This is Halloween, This is Halloween.

Halloween has since come and gone and I had this ready to post a few weeks ago, however, I wanted to color this in and add the shadows prior to posting. As a graphic designer, it’s easy to redo or edit what you have done. As you all know, as an artist, -at times you can “redo” what has been done, however, working in pen there is no undo button.

That said, I am not too happy with the shadows on this and wish I could undo what has been done. Other than that I am happy with this. My other idea was to go back to this drawing and make the sky Black with ink, as this is night.

At times I don’t want to push a piece for fear of ruining it. If I do go back into it, I will start with pencil and work the ink into the background with undertones of Purple and Blue.


Week 33- Ashley Davene

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Week 33- Kevin Contreras

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Natasha the Spy


Week 33 – Brian Weeks

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Something I always talk about but never have done until this past Sunday… When I’m visiting my hometown, I always wanted to get up early, go get a cup of coffee, and go to Center Harbor Beach and enjoy the morning.  Something has always prevented me from doing that, but I was bound and determined to make it happen this time.  I took advantage of waking up very early from the time change, and took a ride down…

I spent a lot of time at the beach as a kid, the memories come crashing back like the waves of a passing motor boat when I turn down Lake Street. (I am 34 years old and just noticed that street actually has a name. I always thought it was just ‘that street that goes down to the beach, right before Heath’s.’)

For those that do not know me well, it would be meaningless for me to recount tales of tripping over my own feet and losing a large Tupperware cup of pilfered booze to the sand, or “relocating” the lifeguard stand underneath the raft in the middle of the swimming area. (It was discovered about a week later. I was planning to go back and get it the next night, but by then local media had begun reporting on it, and CHPD was out in full force. Had I actually gone back like I had planned, there never would have been a need for the town to buy a new one. It would have dried right out in a few days.)

Adolescent discretions aside, I spent the better part of 25 summers at that specific beach. A quick walk or bike ride would transport me to my New Hampshire version of the Riviera.

I took some photos to capture the beautiful morning. I hope you enjoy them.








Week 33 – w.c. pelon

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Another 3D render of one of my favorite comic book villains.  This is my first attempt at rendering a full scene within Daz Studio.  I’m not sure I’m completely satisfied with the way the lighting & scale worked out, and I would have liked the background environment to better resemble Gotham City.

Resources: Daz Studio & Photoshop CS5; Victoria 4 model, morphing bodysuit, City Lights environment prop, and catsuit texture from Click the image for full size view.

Week 33 – Rachael Peabody

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Week 33- Robyn Anne Piper

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