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Week 24 – Ashley Davene

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The most sacred thing about poetry to me is that it is a spell if you will – a recipe of magic to case and unfold laughter, or sorrow, tears, tongue twisters, truth or dares, first kiss, fears- all turn into – flowing leaves and weeping willows – each peice you read and think to decipher it but perhaps the writer is the only one who really ever knows exactly what was the intent of the poetic package

With the autumn leaves I fall

Past lake and lane and window

I roll through corridors

Past crates and carts and symbols

Painted upon the walls

The things we hide we kindle  

Blazing through the night

My autumn moon bleeds crimson

Week 24 – w.c. pelon

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“Mad Tea Party Tiered Serving Tray”

This week’s submission is a work in progress; it is part of a larger Wonderland themed project that I’m working on for Robyn & Michael Piper’s annual anniversary bash.


materials: china from thrift stores, gorilla glue, plastic roses, acrylic paint, fabric ribbon, playing cards, toothpicks, gift tag, twine, coffee


Week 24 – Betty Jarra

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Too much mush in my head these weeks.
I will return to update this post later with more flying and safer navigation. Use of radars coming up…..very soon.

flying southattending a funeral further down, along this shore

Week 24 Photobug Shar

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A Bow From Grace

Week 24 – Amber Perkins

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Road Trip 2011 TX

Week 24 – Rachael Peabody

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Sorry about the late entry – Sunday was my birthday!  This is something I had swimming around in my head for a few weeks and finally got onto paper.  I hope the content isn’t too upsetting.

Week 24-Elizabeth Fox

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Week 24- Kenia Cris

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Week 24- Kelly Bennett

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Week 24- Gina Marin

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Week 24- Devin Eldridge

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                                               gray zoo


Things to See and Do

Visitor Center

Try a variety of different activities in our visitor center. Feel what some animal furs are like. Make some tracks in our sandbox or see the many different places in Maine to look for Wildlife.


From the park you can visit the Dry Mills Fish Hatchery which raises thousands of Brook Trout annually.Nature Store

For those interested in shopping, the Nature Store carries a variety of Nature related items for all ages.

Snack Shack

A little hungry or thirsty? Head for the Snack Shack which serves a variety of different snacks and drinks. The Snack Shack is run by The Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park. All proceeds are used to improve the park.

Tree Trail

Strolling the Tree Trail, you can see and read descriptions of a variety of Maine Trees. Learn how to use a biltmore stick to measure tree heights and lumber yield. Visit our outdoor classroom and see how much wood is in a cord or how a lumberyard would cut logs.

Wetland Trail

Take a walk around our wetland area. There are many wild animals that can sometimes been seen such as fish, birds and turtles.

Week 24- Alana Kelly

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Week 24- Kevin Contreras

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Have a seat.  Taken on top of Agassiz Peak, Flagstaff, Arizona

Week 24- Michael Mooney

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The man, the legend… “Jerry”.

Doing what he loved to do,  just like the “Geekz” doing what we love to do.

I plan on coloring this in… eventually! 🙂


Poems often come to me when I’m moving – walking Sugar or driving my car – for instance. Because of this, I always keep a little notebook tucked in my glove compartment. Today, I’ve decided to submit two poems that I scribbled in the days following September 11th, 2001. Both are unedited from the little notebook I was keeping in my car at the time.

The notebooks also serve as a means to keep the kids entertained. Zoë was just two years old at that time, and the little notebook, with a smiling orange cat on the front, is filled with her drawings, and the messy beginnings of a few lines of verse.

I’ve decided to type up these poems “as is” – keeping even my crossed-out, on-the-spot editings, capitalization or lack of it, original dashes and punctuation, and the carrots that indicated an inserted word. The only revised parts of these poems added today are the titles, which I borrowed from snippets of speeches I heard this morning while watching the observance of the 10 year anniversary of September 11th on ABC.

The first poem, “Descended into Hell on Earth” was written on September 12th 2001. I think I was listening to NPR and their coverage of the poetry that was already being written about what happened the day before. This inspired me to try writing a poem of my own. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Chicken Little.

The second poem, “People Really Do Catch You When You Fall” was most likely written sometime after Sunday, September 16th, the day after Mike & Robyn’s “Yup We’re Still Married” party, at which a number of us geekz were present and feeling quite wounded. It was good for us to be together with people we love so much, even when things got a little out of hand. The first part of the poem is reflecting on that. The second part is reflecting on another party Cameron and I attended around the same time. It was a child’s birthday party at a roller skating rink. Cam and I were skating and holding hands, because he was just learned. He lost his balance and fell, pulling me down with him.

These poems are raw and messy. Maybe someday I’ll do something else with them, but for now, I’m doing what I tell my students never to do: sharing unrevised work with you.

“Descended into Hell on Earth”

September 12th, 2001


The sky is empty –

Now, of the planes,

of the Titanic Tall Towering


Twins.   have fallen,

And People fell too,

out of the sky

like chicken

little yelled. warned


And the sky keeps

falling, we

wait for it

to      drop




“People Really Do Catch You When You Fall”


He fell on me –

drunken, but kind-

Ironically -just switched

to coffee

And stained the

white sweater I’d

protected from

Red wine all night.

My face burned

with caffeinated

liquid and I

felt nothing

Except the burns

of Every body

that dropped w/

the WTC


I fell skating

just a couple of

feet. My back,

slightly broken –

reminds me of

the force of falling

110 stories

from the sky.

This morning

on GMA –

A wife told

of how

A body crushed

her firefighting husband.

Week 24- Sue O’Connor

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Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

Week 24~ Mo Felix

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Week 24 ~ Caron Thomas

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I made this for my friend Ali for her birthday, which is today 9-9-11. It’s for hanging on your mirror in your car or a window at home. Or where ever she feels like putting it [:

Week 24- Robyn Anne Piper

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