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Week 19- Michael Mooney

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The Back Rooms of My Mind- Door 7811


A little late but here it is. Week 19: The Back Rooms of My Mind- Door 7811. I hope you enjoy the craziness from my mind that unfolds onto paper.





Week 19- Kenia Cris

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Week 19- Kelly Bennett

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Below is the camera, which I mentioned in my last post; family legend has it that during WWII, my grandmother’s brother, a  photographer stationed with the Canadian army, removed this camera from a fallen German Soldier. Below the photo is a newer poetic attempt at trying to respond to this artifact and to the photograph of my grandparents frolicking on the shore. I posted this photograph as part of my Week 18 submission. 



On tattered Kodak I

Pirouette in the palm

Of my lover’s outstretched hand. It’s


Just a photographic trick

Of perspective and perception and

From the low-angle shot even as


I smile to my future father-in-law

As he photographs us at Fundy Park, it’s

1942 and on another beach


My enlisted brother photographs

Soldiers dancing to dodge bullets

Across this silver puddle. I could


Leap from these hands to the war

He watches develop, bringing

Visible all the images I’ve worked

So hard to ignore.

Week 19- Gina Marin

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Week 19- Devin Eldridge

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Week 19- Ashley Davene

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This weeks geek doesnt really have a title, but if I were to call it something it would be california dreaming

Its a mixed media collage, utilizing paper clippings and oil pastels as the backbone, with some crate paper and glitter making an appearence just for a little extra enhancement

Photo showcased on the bike in LA for good measure, I am definately California Dreamin


Week 19- Alana Kelly

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Week 19 – Betty Jarra

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Flying lesson 19

The easiest of walks, over the bridge, with a purpose.
The purpose is to buy food, the purpose is to walk.
The food is in itself another purpose, it should be the right type, it should be good, it should make me lift myself up and become balanced in every way.
Choosing it is simple with the help of Stig. Buying it is difficult because he is also the one paying for all the food, even the one we especially choose because it’s good for me.
The difficulty becomes like punctured tyres. Absolutely impossible to use for a lift-off without the risk of serious damages.
Those punctured tyres stem from many years of fear. The fear of not being good enough, valuable enough, capable enough.
Someone else is doing for me what I can not manage myself and without me even asking for this help.

On each item that is purchased for my well being I hang a small invisible label about paying back. I have to make sure that I will cut off all these labels to find my balance, but for now they are happily left dangling. I tell Stig about my discomfort and he replies that I have also paid for food we already ate. I’m trying to focus on this and decide that everything is OK. No fear!
We walk back and on the first uphill slope, on the bridge going home, I immediately pay back with a swifter and longer stride without panting. I am fully concentrating on my debt. The gift that is the cause of the debt, which I have created myself in every moment, becomes a burden. Trust, which previously lifted the sky has been clouded by my dependence. And in that moment, the sky becomes even higher …… I have suddenly become very, very small and everything is unreachably far away. All my defences strike back and drowns everything and everyone who’s close enough.

I believe this fear is handled and hidden just below the surface, just out of sight even for me. However the defences move up, just above the surface, and turn the debt into the most natural walking partner in the world. The one that triggers that little extra, that clenches the jaws together one notch tighter and tightens the dependency snares just a little bit more. Then of course the endorphins kick in as a reward and everything seems quite worth it.
That it isn’t lust dangling it’s carrot in front of me but instead guilt holding the whip and pushing me forward is barely noticeable in the panting and the pace. The ego is the only one who knows.

Despite this we make a fantastic lunch and I put aside my fears for another time.

Is reaching the sky
always upphill?

Week 19- Photobug Shar

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Let The Music Within You Free!

Week 19 – Amber Perkins

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These are printed photos, swiped off the internet, that I have applied to canvas using Modge Podge. Ends up looking like paintings. Purty!

Week 19 – w.c. pelon

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“Record Jacket Notebook”

Materials: 7" punk record jacket, sketch paper, twine, misc. stickers


Japanese Side Stitch / Five-Stitch Binding

Back Cover

Front Interior

Back Interior

Camera in the shop getting cleaned.  I hope I didn’t post this earlier…Death Valley Sand Dunes

Week 19~ Caron Thomas

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I got this idea from fellow geek,  Kevin Contreras. I used old gift cards to make these guitar picks. Also, I made a flower arrangement this weekend. Very creative and fun weekend.

Week 19- Elizabeth Fox

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Week 19- Sue O’Connor

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Just the Two of Us -Sunset on Gibbit Hill Groton, MA

Week 19- Brian Weeks

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I’m considering getting this for my next tattoo… a little smaller, though. Not full size. 🙂