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Seed of Time...

Creative process for this week’s submission:

First, Photobug Shar uses only her images.

Each week as she pondering what her next creation/submission will be, something usually comes to her…

This week she watched a documentary about ancient volcano eruptions and how it affected this small town leaving behind fossilized bodies that were pristinely preserved.  They had shown an image of a mother cradling her infant, tragically at the end of the bridge exiting the small town as they must have been running to escape the inevitable doom. It was so sad…

After the documentary I thought of this picture of my daughter with her child, my granddaughter.  When I look at this image I can feel the emotion in my daughter and the comfort of my granddaughter in her mothers arms… With this being said I thought of another image and how I could transfer my granddaughter’s image into it creating a fossil… and thus creating Week # 15’s submission which I have titled: Seed of time



















Photobug Shar’s digital darkroom is Photoshop CS4 Extended, Lightroom and FX Mystical bundle series.


Have a FABulous weekend everyone!





Week 15- Brian Weeks

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 15

Independence Day Fireworks;  Crystal Lake – Enfield, NH

July 4th is more than just fireworks, but as a kid, I looked forward to the spectacle, the glittering lights and explosions. I was so disappointed that we only got to see this kind of special event once a year…

Now, as an adult, I still look forward to the fireworks display, but I wish I could recapture that sense of awe I had as a kid, pedaling my bike like mad down to Centre Harbor Beach to be right up front.

These photos were taken Sunday night, July 3rd at Crystal Lake. I was playing with the new multi-exposure feature on my new Droid Pro – the camer takes six frames in rapid succession. Some of the fireworks I could actually see exploding. For Monday’s display here in Lebanon, I found that I took 962 frames during the 20 minute display… Lots of editing after my vacation next week! 🙂

Edgar is one of my recurring characters.  Yet another soul, searching for answers.  And his briefcase.