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Week 14- Sarah Gellert

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Week 14- R.A. Matheson

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Everglades… Mating Mangroves 😉

Hermit Woods Winery- Wine 🙂

Hermit Woods Winery- Tasting Room

Hermit Woods Winery- Sign

A long weekend = a delayed post…. My g/f and I stopped off at the The Hermit Woods Winery- (HWW) in Sanbornton, NH this past weekend to start along our 260 mile round trip around NH and MA. Yes, we were pretty tired, and I didn’t have time to upload any of the pictures to TGAP until now!

The Hermit Woods Winery- (HWW), is a great local find! Opening for official business 2 weeks ago, once visited, you would think they have been open for 6 months… which I did. The location is serene, as you follow the “snail trail” up to the winery, your mind is in a state of euphoria.  You’re surrounded by rich NH forest, kind minds, and eventually good wine!!

Aside from the amazing location, great people, and very cool company name/ logo…oh yes, they actually have the most unique wine combinations in the world!!!! Yes, the world! 🙂 HWW, uses fruits and vegetables grown locally as much as they can. The grapes are currently imported, however they are using Crab Apples, Rhubarb, Peaches, Kiwi, Tomatoes and various other fruits in there wines!!!

Wines are reasonably priced as well, especially because they are making small batches and doing everything by hand!!

The bottom line is, if you are in there area stop and have a chat and a tasting, and if you aren’t from the area… take a trip and make a weekend of it! To quote Will Smith, the Hermit Woods Winery, ” is doing it, doing it, and doing it right”!

Take care and happy wineing! 🙂


Week 14- Kelly Bennett

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The reason I’ve been a little behind with posting my submissions is that I’ve been participating in the National Writing Project in New Hampshire’s Summer Invitational Institute. It’s keeping me very busy but also giving me lots of opportunity to write. I’ve written well over 150 pages in just under three weeks.


The following submission came out of an activity that we did with Beckie, a fabulous first grade teacher, who took us through an exercise that she does with her students. The activity led to “list poems”.  Here is mine.


Things to Expect When You Have Cats


Grisly mouse murders on the dinning room rug,

Felines with attitudes, acting real smug,

Pet hair on your favorite pants,

Crunchy, spilled kibbles covered in ants.


Vet bills, rabies shots, and amputated tails,

And a snuggling cure for all else that ails.

Week 14- Elizabeth Fox

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Grandfathers Wild Rose




Road Trip

if you ever find yourself on the road from cheyenne, wy headed towards dallas, tx, i offer up a few road side attractions. you know, if you decide that garden of the gods is too mainstream. grab that super soaker (i’m assuming you’ve stopped and gotten yourself one or two of these for the ride), gas up the car, hit the sonic on the way out of town and convince yet another poor, unsuspecting soul to don roller skates while serving you a hot dog, and blaze south.

a mere 432 miles away from cheyenne in jackson, wy? the world’s largest BALL OF BARBED WIRE!!! that has got to be seen. i wonder if it’s rusty. you’ll tell me if it is, right?

but if that’s too far, in douglas, wy, which is ONLY 128 miles out of the way, you can find the world’s largest jackalope. he’s probably related to pedro at the mecca. cousins or somesuch. drop in. tell him hey from pedro and me. oh, and gunnison. gunnison lives in hillary’s art room. he still weeps for pedro on occasion when he recalls the dusty trucker hat and mardi gras beads put on to amuse the dallas tourists. i stroke his fur and tell him pedro does what he has to in order to survive in the big city. it soothes him. some.

trinidad, co is the former sex change capitol of the world! the doctor who performed these surgeries has been featured on south park. he’s dead now. or he moved. or people go somewhere fancier for the penisectomies. i kinda wandered off in the middle of that paragraph. oops. also, lincoln and lj of prison break found a safe house there. you could try to locate it. could be hard. it’s all secret and safe. oh, and some guy named john elway calls trinidad home. whatevs.

were you aware that in lakewood, co you can dine in a mine, or watch indoor cliff divers while seranaded by a mariachi band at casa bonita?!?!?! that is if you have the wherewithall to resist heading over to mosca for the gators reptile park. *sigh* if only there were time to do it all… i guess gators are better viewed in louisiana with the swamp people. another trip?

in new mexico you should take a short side trip to sandia park and find tinkertown: “The inspiration of the carnival funhouse is easy to see in Tinkertown. Halls are narrow, walls are uneven, rooms wander willy-nilly, clutter is crammed onto every surface, including the ceilings and floors: tools, bones, horseshoes, farm and mining relics, old lanterns and license plates.” if only i could go there with you! my girly squees and gnat-like attention span would fill those narrow hallways with glee.

claude, tx? home to the oldest once living cowboy in the american west. tom blasingame (1898-1989). ‘cuz, ya know, cowboys are wicked awesome. also, claude was previously known as armstrong city, but this juice bag claude who did blah, blah, blah for the city REQUESTED they change it and name it after him. hello? into yourself much? juice bag! istanbul not constantinople. maybe claude was a turk?

it’ll be difficult for you to resist, but i’m begging you. flat out pathetic pleading! on my knees in front of you, staring up wide-eyed awaiting your agreement. do not go here without me! san antonio, tx. buckhorn saloon and museum.


the last one? for once you arrive in dallas? i CANNOT believe we didn’t go see this when i was there. i may cray and cry and whine if we don’t go. the dallas zoo hosts a 67.5 ft giraffe statue. it’s the tallest in all of texas. statue that is. giraffe too, i suppose.





Week 14- Alana Kelly

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Ok, I’m one of those people that’s fallen a bit behind. In my defense, I have been painting but I’m working on a surprise and I don’t want to ruin it. Admittedly, I’m also lazy. What can you do?


This is a work in progress, but hopefully I’ll have it finished this week. Transfers this size can take a while though so we’ll have to see. I wanted to post something though.

Week 14 – Betty Jarra

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Flying lesson 14

is all about staying grounded.

As I’m in the south of Sweden at the moment where the land is flat and the winds are blowing hard, it’s sometimes an effort not to go where the winds want to take you. To stand firmly where you have decided to stay.
A bit like saying no to someone very nice, since I definitely would like to fly.

“Move through the Movements” – Sanskrit AUM


Oil Pastel on Canvas

Week 14- Kenia Cris

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Where colors come together- America

Week 14- Gina Marin

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Week 14 – Brian Weeks

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Wilder Dam –  Wilder, Vermont











The Wilder Dam is about 10-15 minutes from my house, right over the border into Vermont. The top photos are of some interesting shapes, colors, and texture in the rocks and driftwood on the shore. The next two are of the hydroelectric power plant there, and of the view from the shore in front of the plant. There is a small picnic area and a gazebo – the last photo is looking up at the ceiling of the gazebo from the inside. I liked the design and the color variations in the wood.