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Week 13 – w.c. pelon

Posted: June 22, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 13
“Space Painting”

This week I’m trying out some beginner spray paint techniques,  thanks to some fantastic video tutorials at  There are a number of artists with tutorials on the subject,  but Spraycasso is the best I’ve found.  He takes the time to explain how everything works together:  the tools, color blending, layer manipulation, etc.  This guy is indeed, as his website points out,  the Bob Ross of spray paint.

Many, many thank-yous to Devin Eldridge, who did a wonderful job photo-documenting the process (she’s also quite patient with the fact that I have turned a good portion of our porch into a makeshift spray paint studio).

Stencil objects: these will be my "planets"

The first steps on a planet that resembles Earth

Essentially, the process involves layering spray paint onto your “canvas” (Spraycasso recommends a specific type of card stock, but I used what I had on hand:  photo paper, greeting card stock, stretched canvas, an old vinyl record and a CD-R), placing round objects as stencils to outline the planets, and applying texture using glossy magazine pages.

The beauty of space painting is how easy it is for anyone to pick up on the first try.  While I can see a lot of room for improvement on my first few attempts, I was pretty amazed to see them turn out actually looking like a space scene.  With a bit more practice, I’m sure I can refine my application of these techniques and move on to the more advanced tutorials.

The media I used was not optimal for this style of painting, and it doesn’t help that I’m still a bit heavy handed with the spray paint.  I had a few problems with pooling paint at first, but I am improving my control with each painting.

The straight edge traps the paint above the canvas, dropping the mist down in a straight line- here I'm using it to create a flare lighting effect.

vinyl record

photo paper


I’m not entirely satisfied with the placement of lighting in these, as I think I can do a better job with perspective in the future, but as someone who has never had much luck with painting, it’s exciting to be able to grab a few cans and make some “instant” art.

glossy greeting card paper

stretched canvas

I plan on spending quite a bit of time practicing these techniques; once I feel more comfortable with the process, I’d like to see if I can apply  this style of painting to a computer case mod, window glass, and a host of other surfaces.  If you’d like to try your hand at some “space painting”, I strongly suggest you check out  it’s a lot easier than one would think!


This week’s submission is in memory of Sue Sibley.  As I spent time in Jim and Sue’s kitchen over the course of this past week, my eyes were repeatedly drawn to a piece of art she had created that was hanging on their fridge.  The quote I am using in this week’s piece is the quote she had used.

I went to her Facebook page on Friday. Not only did I find many wonderful tributes to her, I also noticed that her very last post was– lo and behold– the same quote.

Since one of the most memorable things about Sue is her beautiful smile, it seemed only appropriate to use the word as my “Picture’s Worth” for this week.

We love you, Sue.                                                                                                                     Enjoy.