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I dropped the ball this week. :/  My bad.  I’ve been very busy trying to redesign my website because I may be able to go to a “paid for” upgrade.  I found a free template online and have been replacing each code with coding of my own.  Now it may not seem like art but I am very proud of the banner and how well the background worked out.  Everything else is still from the original template.


Week 11- Sarah Gellert

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Week 11- R.A. Matheson

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Week 11- Gina Marin

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Week 11- Betty Jarra

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Flying Lesson 11

Had a really nice friend over for breakfast. Since he was sitting on the wall across the water from where I live on my island, looking in my direction, I told him to come over. We talked a lot and now, as he left, he sent me a text message explaining that it’s an amazingly good walking weather.
So I’m off on my flying lesson. I think I’ll just empty the tanks from thoughts and be a glider today.
Since the weather is veryy graygraygray it should work well with empty think tanks.
The teacher me decided that I should to be ready for that by now.

It’s good I already started the lesson and have left the runway, cause by now the whole world have disappeared. I’m gliding in silent solitude, no disturbances.

Planning is important when gliding so I decided to take the road along the water, Norrmälarstrand. Taking the bus there, cause it will find it’s way through gray, and I walk down to the beach.
Everything is really gray, the sky like soft cotton, the water with different gray and gray-blue tones.
My tanks are soon almost empty and whenever it bubbles inside I focus on gray. It’s a bit hard because the gray sparkles in both redish brown and blue sometimes. But an empty tank is the idea when gliding, so I focus.

After some time along the shore I recall that I am heading towards the world’s best meditation spot. “My own” narrow upright concrete chair, overlooking the water and all the gray. I have meditated there before and I love that chair.
It is some kind of sitting sculpture, there are a couple of them along that walk, but this one is the best!
Of course it’s empty on a graygray day like this so I sit down to be embraced by gray concrete and the, quite warm, wooden seat and back. Embraced by gray while embracing the gray.

20 minutes of meditation should work and is, as expected, absolutely wonderful!
I manage to keep a perfect 20 minutes with all the noise, screaming, whoosh, mumbling and scratching around me. I handle most of it and let everything pass by, just breathing, but I need to practice more to get it really quiet in there.
Then I give myself a well earned 10 minutes rest enjoying both the eggsandwich I brought along and the very gray view. It is a bit similar to a Japanese Zen garden, sand, a couple of smooth round rocks just by the edge of the water, straight reeds slowly swaying. The sun is a pale circle that I can look straight into without getting harmed for life and the seagulls are silently yearning for a better fishing weather so they can chase each others catches as they are used to.

Then I walk again to get warm, and end up in a happy landing in the middle of the City Hall garden. Bridal couples are swoshing past me to the left and right and a grotesquely large group of Russian tourists are guided almost right into me. I was wondering a while if they believe that I will hover over them, but they make way at the last minute.
I guess they didn’t trust my ability to fly yet.
Moving on towards the city, away from tourist crowds, I decide to try the café I passed last saturday. I find an empty table and sit there for an hour warming my fingers on a pitcher of chai tee, reading a book I brought along.  After only a couple of pages I realise that I don’t like it so I stop reading. Empty tanks work better!

When I’m out again, the gray has come even closer and is now sitting on the rooftops.
The gray is slowly covering everything and when I reach the last bridge, it has devoured my island completely.
I love living on an island in the fog. It makes you realise that you’re really on an island!

From my side the rest of the world is gone and if it is’nt there, I don’t have to think about it.


Week 11- Kelly Bennett

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Week 11- Michael Mooney

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I apologize for the sub-par quality. I didn’t have much time to create this week. I have a new scanner and I have yet yo set that up. So this is a photo of my drawings and I erased as much as I could with out losing any detail.

It is what it is!


Week 11-Devin Eldridge

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Week 11- Alana Kelly

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I’m from San Diego but currently live in Salt Lake City. Inspired by a city coordinate wedding print I saw, I decided to make this quick print of San Diego and Salt Lake City’s coordinates.


The quote is “home is where we start from” but I think I’m gonna change it to “home is where the house is” since I think it’s kind of funny.


State Theatre, Portland ME


Upstaging the gently worn

And washed tour t-shirts,

Stickers, a tote bag and some

Peacock-printed scarves,

The display of vinyl

Seven-inch editions sneer

In some sort of revolt

Of the digital revolution. (Meanwhile,

In some alternative

Universe, where the members

Of bands still meet quite

By accident and out from under

The influence

Of corporate interests, you

Discover each other

Scribbling lyrics in spiral

Bound notebooks as the teacher

Drones on about Civil

War casualties.  When you practice

In the garages of parents,

There are noise complaints.  But

One night at a crowded gig, that record

Producer – whose car broke down

just two blocks south – stops in

For smokes and a beer. Sign

Here.) We try to remember why

Some sounds are supposed

To include the gentile hiss

Of diamond scraping over grooves.

I call this  “Blossom” – this collage is a feeling of Expanding – Mind, Body and Spirit into the next aspects of my journey – Enjoy! RtH

This is a Mixed Media Peice- Glaze, clippings and Paint on Canvas

Week 11- Sue O’Connor

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Self portrait, So much on my Mind.

Week 11- Photobug Shar

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A fallen angel struggles with entering the Earth Realm with its caos crashing down over her once perfectly harmonized mind and soul…

Welcome to the Earth Realm…

Week 11~ Caron Thomas

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The Future

Week 11- Kenia Cris

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On the growing and harvesting of poems

A few years ago, I picked up a bunch of summer skirts that I loved. The zippers were unfortunately cheap and flimsy. They didn’t hold up after more than one wash. I also have in my possession an inordinate amount of spare buttons. Add loops and voila! New summer skirt wardrobe. Two of the four are complete at this point. Attached are pictures of one.

Week 11- Elizabeth Fox

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Week 11 – w.c. pelon

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Here’s my wooden tile version of Dig Dug, with many thanks to Robyn for the fantastic suggestion!  This is based on the arcade version; the early Atari console versions had terrible graphics.


I botched the measurement for the starting point, so it didn’t center well on the canvas, and I think I could have done more with the background (textured stone paint, for instance), but overall I’m relatively satisfied with the way it turned out.