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Twin Geekz logo Challenge!

Well, I excepted the challenge and this is what I created!

I much like this and I think I would even -dare I say?- yes, I dare… print this on a shirt!! 🙂

Enjoy folks!



Week 9 – w.c. pelon

Posted: May 24, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 09
“Mosaic Mario”

I am an old-school video game junkie, and Super Mario Bros is one of my all time favorites.  When I discovered the wooden tiles I had intended to use for a different TGAP project were too small, I turned to 8-bit art to help me use them up.

materials: acrylic paint, stretched canvas, wooden tiles, glue

I cut my image of Mario into 1″ squares in Photoshop, printed it out, and counted out my tiles in each color.  I was going to mount the tiles on foam core,  but eventually settled on stretched canvas as I thought it would give the background better texture.

I made a thin wash with acrylic paint, water & salt, rolled it on the canvas and let it dry overnight.  I then made a second wash in white, dipped wadded up plastic wrap in the wash, and blotted it over the blue.

I left the canvas to dry again and started in on the tiles.  I had 144 tiles to paint, so this would be the most tedious part of the project.

painted & ready to be applied

I used a framing square to line up the bottom row and left column and glued my tiles on the canvas from the bottom up.  Once I got into a good rhythm with the glue gun, this step went surprisingly quickly.

a closeup view of the tiles


I still have another stretched canvas, so I might just make another homage to Nintendo.  Right now I’m thinking Tetris, but I’m open to any suggestions.