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Week 8- Sarah Gellert

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Untitled Screenplay - Pages 1-15


INT. - room - Sunset

A television set is on the nightly news channel, in the middle of a broadcast. "BREAKING NEWS" 
covers the bottom of the screen. The NEWS ANCHOR, who is sitting at the desk rustles through papers 
as he reports the news.

News Anchor

We are now going into our fifth week of quarantine procedures set out by the Center for Disease 
Control. Officials in the White House and scientists have not specified exactly what is causing 
the effects that we've been seeing over the past month. The President has issued military task 
forces to set up perimeters around major cities in the country, and...

The News Anchor is cut off by a crew member, who hands him another sheet of paper. The News 
Anchor reads the paper, then looks at the camera.


Uh, it appears that United States officials have lost contact with all European governments, 
along with Russia, China, Japan, and most of the African governments. The Prime Minster of 
Canada has started letting U.S. Citizens into Canada after passing a screening test. Meanwhile 
the President of Mexico shut the border, trying to prevent Mexico to falling to...

The News Anchor is cut off again by a crew member, handing him another sheet of paper.


Ladies and gentlemen, I have just received word that we will be shutting down off the air. 
Local police have lost control at the Hospital in central...

A loud crash stops the News Reporter. Screams and the sound of people rushing away are heard, 
as the News Anchor stands up from the desk.


Oh my god!

The News Anchor runs out of view of the camera. Everything off camera quiets down, til nothing 
is herd. A person slowly steps into the frame of the camera, with their head out of view. 
Blood runs down their arm, as the slowly shift across the screen.


ext. - Deserted Suburban Street - Day

There's complete cloud cover over an empty suburban street. the grass has grown tall in the
yards in front of the houses. A slight breeze blows dust across the pavement, and into the 
air. LIAM walks down the middle of the empty street, carrying a large bag on his back. He 
keeps his gaze ahead of his as he strides down the street. He walks past a house with a broken
fence. A decaying arm sticks out in view as he passes.

Liam stops in front of a large house in the middle of the street. Broken boards lie in front 
of the scratched door. A window on the second floor is wide open, with curtains billowing in 
the wind. Liam takes a deep breath and creeps towards the house. The wood creaks under his feet 
as he steps onto the front porch. Liam grasps the door knob, and turns the handle to find the door 
unlocked. The door swings open in front of Liam as he peers inside the house.

He steps inside the dark house. Furniture in the front hall is knocked over and broken. A red 
stain lies on the floor in front of him A trail of red runs into the room ahead, and around the 
corner. The other room next to Liam is still neat, but covered in dust.

Liam sets the large bag down. He pulls a flashlight from a pouch on his belt. With the light on, 
he slowly moves forward into the house.

The flashlight flickers. Liam knocks it against the palm of his hand, but the light goes out. 
He puts the light down and continues moving ahead. His hand steadily placed on top of a gun 
in a holster.

Liam steps around the corner where the red stain leads. The trail ends in a bigger blotched 
stain, with a decaying body on top of it. The head of the body is facing away from Liam. Liam 
lifts a scarf wrapped around his neck to cover his nose. He steps forward and kneels down at 
the body. Stretching out his had, Liam goes to turn the head of the body.

An infected grab's Liam's shirt by the back and shoulder and pulls him back. Liam thrashes his 
body as the infected drags him back into the hallway. His shirt rips, and Liam manages to pull 
away from the infected. Liam gets to his feet as the infected grabs him again, and pushes Liam 
into the wall. Liam pushes back on the infected's face, as it tries to bite at him. Liam reaches 
for the gun holster, to find no gun. He looks over to see it lying on the floor ten feet away. 
Liam lefts his leg to the infected's stomach and kicks it back into the other wall.

Liam turns to the gun, but trips over the infected's leg. He quickly crawls towards the gun, 
only to be pulled back by the infected. Liam forgets about the gun, and instead reaches for 
a small knife on his belt. He sits up and stabs the infected in the side of the head. It lets 
go and begins to seize on the floor. Liam pushed to the gun, aim's it at the infected and 
shoots it in the head. The infected stops seizing, and becomes still.

Liam sits back on the wall, breathing heavily. He get's up and walks towards the infected's 
body. He kicks it over to see the man's face, and reveals a framed photograph that it landed 
on. Liam picks up the photo, and wipes blood off with his torn shirt. The photo is of the same 
man, with a young girl. He pulls the photo out of the frame and rips the side with the man out. 
He pulls another folded photo out from his pocket and places it next to the ripped photo of the girl. 
Both photos are of the same girl.

Liam puts the photos in his pocket and walks back to the front door.


It's been three years since everything changed. Three years since people started becoming 
those things. No one really knows what happened. The news reporters kept giving different 
stories on what was happening.

Liam steps out the door onto the front porch. He looks up at the cloudy sky. Out in the distance, 
thunder roars through over the empty street. A rain drop hit Liam's cheek. He turns back into the 
house and shuts the door behind him.


Some people said it was terrorists. Others said it was our own government. Or just an accident at 
the Centers of Disease Control. But before anyone could could really pin where it all started, most 
people were dead. And most who died, came back. Not as themselves. It's like they became animals. 
Attacking people who were still alive.

Liam grabs the bag he dropped, and walks up the stairs. He walks into a bathroom, and sets the bag 
down. He replaces the batteries in the flashlight with new ones from his bag. With a towel he finds, 
he clears off the dirty mirror to see himself. He takes off his shirt to find a cut on his abdomen. 
Liam reaches into his bag and pulls out a large bottle of water, a bottle of anti-bacterial liquid, 
and box of large bandages. He clogs the sink, and pours some water into it. He cleans his cut, and 
bandages it up, then cleans blood off from the rest of him.


And they learn like animals. They started off as slow moving, not being able to communicate. The only 
instinct they had was to attack and feed. Maybe feeding helps them learn more. The ones who feed more 
than others seem to be able to move faster, and even communicate with the rest.

Liam pulls another shirt from the bag and puts it on. He grabs his stuff and moves to a girl's bedroom. 
The window is wide open, with the curtain blowing out of it. Some things are knocked over, but the room 
is generally neat. The bed is unmade, there are no pillows and the blankets half on the floor towards 
the window. Liam looks out the window to see pillows at the base of the house. He gets back inside, 
and closes the window.


But not everyone died. Some of us managed to survive, whether it was just luck or not. But you can't 
trust most people. Leave it to an apocalypse type situation to show the human race's true nature, 
self preservation.

Liam leaves the room, and shuts the door behind him. He walks down the hall to another bedroom. He 
drops his bag and closes the door behind him. Liam pushes a dresser in front of the door. He walks
over to the bed, pulls the sheets off of it. The mattress blows dust into the air, as Liam flips 
it off the bed frame and onto the floor. Reaching into his bag he sits on the mattress. He pulls 
out a can and opens it with a can opener. Liam pulls a fork out of his bag and begins to eat the 
food from the can.


That's why is best to be alone, always on the move. You don't have to worry about others you're with. 
Whether they're going to try to kill you for your share of the food, or if they fall behind if to many 
of those things show up. But it's been months since I've seen anyone else out there. There's got to be 
someone. I can't be the only one.

Liam looks at the gun next to him.


I don't know if I should wait for the world to find a way to go back to the way it was, or if I should 
just end my wait.

Liam tosses the fork into the can, and sets it down.


Everywhere I go, supplies and food are more scarce. I don't think surviving this is an option anymore.

Thunder roars as the rain outside begins to fall harder. Liam grabs the bag. Using it as a pillow, he 
lays back on the flipped mattress. He gazes at the ceiling while listening to the rain, and slowly drifts to sleep.

Int. - Bedroom - Morning

A dog barking from outside jolts Liam awake. He instinctively reaches for the gun next to him as he 
sits up. Sitting completely still, he listens. The dog continues to bark. Liam crawls off of the mattress 
and moves toward the covered window. He lifts the dark curtain to the side slightly and peers out of the 
corner to the street. Outside a dog is  standing at the broken fence, barking. The dog is on a leash that 
caught onto the broken fence. Liam shifts his view towards down the street. In the distance an infected person 
is slowly shifting towards the dog.

Liam sits back, thinking to himself. The dog begins to whimper at the sight of the infected person.


Damn it!

Liam gets up and shoves the dresser away from the door. With his gun at the ready, he creeps down the hall 
to the stairs. He keeps his back to the wall as he shifts down the stairs to the front door. Liam checks 
both sides of the street, only spotting the dog and the single infected person.

In a rush, he runs out across the street to the dog. The dog stops barking as Liam reaches for the leash. 
He unhooks the dog, and spins around. With the infected person closing in, Liam takes a knife out from his 
pocket. He rushes up to the sluggish infected, grabs it by the back of it's hair to pull it's head back, 
revealing it's neck. Liam slashes the knife across the infected neck. He jumps back as dark blood runs 
from the wound, and the infect falls to the pavement.

Liam stands back looking at the body. He glances around the neighborhood, making sure that the noise didn't 
attract more infected. He sets down the knife and gun and reaches towards the body.

He drags the body onto the lawn of the neighboring house, resting it's arms on it's chest. Liam reaches over 
and pulls a few flowery looking plants out of the ground, and places them onto the body.


I know it's not much, but it's something.

Liam steps back up, and turns away. He grabs the gun and knife as he move towards the house he spent the 
night in. The dog follows Liam towards the house. He stops and turns to it.



Liam turns back to the house and continues forward. The dog continues to follow. He stops again and faces 
the dog.


Look, I can't take you. I can barely feed myself half the time.

The dog sits, staring at Liam.


Don't do that.

They continue to look at each other. Liam finally gives in.


Fine. I can get you something to eat, but you need to stay here while I get my bag.

The dog grins. Liam smiles and turns back to the house.

He walks into the kitchen, searching the cabinets. Tossing aside boxes of old and expired food, 
he takes out the caned foods for himself. He opens another cabinet under the sink. A box of dog 
bones sits right in front of Liam. He takes the box out and puts it with the caned foods.

In the bedroom, Liam stuffs the cans into the bag. He gathers the rest of his belongings, putting 
the gun back into the holster strapped to his leg. With the box of dog bones in hand he walks out 
of the room.

Liam stops in the hallway as the dog cries from outside. He quickly runs down the stairs and out 
of the house. He halts on the front porch. The dog twitches on the pavement as an infected is 
tearing away at the dog, chewing on pieces of flesh, still covered in hair.

Liam drops the box in horror. The infected stops tearing at the dog and turns towards the noise. 
Seeing Liam, it screeches and starts speeding towards the house. Liam turns back into the house, 
slamming the door shut behind him. The infected starts bashing and scraping at the door, trying 
to break through. Liam takes the gun out and aims it at the door. The infected busts the door 
open and moves to go inside. Liam shoots. The bullet flies through the forehead of the infected. 
The infected flies back to the ground, and becomes still.

Liam drops down on his knees, covering his mouth as too keep himself from becoming sick. His foot 
accidentally kicks the body of the man he killed the day before. Liam turns back to face him. He 
thinks for a second, then pats at the body's pockets. He reaches in and pulls out a set of keys. 
Flipping through, he finds a key to a car. Liam pulls himself together and gets back up. He walks 
around the body of the infected and walks out of the house.

Grabbing the box of dog bones, he walks to the body of the dog. He pulls a bone out of the box 
and lies it next to the dog.


I'm sorry bud.

He pats the top of the dog's head, then rises back up. With the key in hand, he walks to the car 
parked in the drive way. A large tree branch sits on the hood of the car. Liam pulls it off, and gets in the car. The car 
turns over twice before finally starting up. Liam pulls out of the drive way, and drives down the street, out of the neighborhood.

Ext. - Country Road - Day

Liam continues to drive along the empty roads. The sky is still overcast and dark. His bag sits 
on the passenger side seat. Liam plays with the radio. Only static comes out of the speakers.


Oh what a surprise. Still no radio.

Liam shuts the radio off, and continues to focus on driving. He glances in the rear view mirror, 
and looks at the back seat of the car.


Well now I can travel with a few more things with all this space.

The car begins to beep. Liam looks at the dashboard. The refuel symbol lights up, and the 
gas gauge is on empty.


Unless I find gas.

Something crashing off the hood of the car gains Liam's attention to the road. The car skids 
to a stop as he slams on the breaks. He whips back to look behind him. A ragged looking child 
jumps out from a tree on the side of the road, and looks at the car. Liam gets out of the car.



The child stays still.


Hey! Are you okay?

The child still doesn't move. Liam starts to walk forward.


Are you alone?

A woman runs out from behind a tree, and into the car. Liam turns as she slams the door shut.



The woman drives the car in reverse. Liam jumps back avoiding the near impact of the car. 
The woman stops at the tree, as the child jumps into the backseat. Liam jumps up and pulls
 the gun out from the holster. The woman steps on the gas, driving back towards Liam. He 
fires the gun twice as the car passes. The bullets bounce off and the car speeds off ahead. 
Liam steps into the middle of the road as the car gets smaller, and out of view. He drops 
to the ground.



God damn it!

He looks down at the gun in his hand. The point of the gun slowly moves to face towards 
him. Liam sits on the pavement, contemplating what he should do. He tosses the gun across 
the pavement in frustration. Liam gets up and grabs his gun. He then walks forward down the road.

EXT. - Dirt Road - Night

Liam walks along the dark dirt road. He wraps his arms around his torso as he shivers. 
He squints his eyes, trying to see better in the dark. A screech echos in the distance. 
Liam looks all around him as he continues forward.

He stops as he sees a large, dark shape ahead. He rushes forward to find the car. The 
two drivers side doors wide open, and the woman and child missing. Blood covers the 
backseat door, and trails off the road into the thick bushes and trees.

Liam sits in the drivers seat. The keys still in the ignition. He reaches over to the 
passenger side. His bag, fallen off the seat, sits on the floor. Liam sighs in relief. 
Another screech echos in the distance. Liam shuts the door. He climbs into the back 
seat and shuts the door, locking all the doors after.

Liam pulls on the lever of the backseat, releasing it. With his bag, he climbs 
through to the trunk. Liam places the bag in front of the opening, covering most 
of the space. Reaching around, he finds a blanket. He unfolds the blanket, and 
curls up underneath it. In the dark of the trunk, Liam listens. Something bumps 
into the car. Liam keeps quiet. Something moves alongside of the car. Liam squints 
through the small gap of the seat and trunk. A hand slaps against the window, 
leaving a bloody hand print. The infected walks away into the dark of the night.

Int. - Car Trunk - Morning

Asleep in the backseat, sunlight shines through the gap, shining right in front 
of Liam's face.

A scraping noise softly fills the car, as the front door unlocks. Liam's eyes 
fly open at the sound. The car door opens. Liam reaches at for his gun, and 
pulls it out. ETHAN swings into the front seat, while RYDER stands out next to him.


The keys are still in the ignition.


Well then? What are you waiting for?

Ethan tries turning the car on, but nothing happens.


It must have run out of gas or something.


It better just be gas. We need a car.


Well I'm no mechanic, so I don't know what to tell you.


We'll come back with some gas, and get Danny to come look at it as well.


You want to drag him all the way out here?


If he and everyone else wants a car that works, then yes.

Ethan steps out of the car. Liam, keeps the gun pointed at the gap.


Wait, check the car for supplies. There might be something useful.

Ethan swings back into the car, searching the front of the car. He checks the 
glove box and finds nothing. He turns towards the back to see the bag. Without 
thinking, Ethan reaches back and pulls the bag away. Liam shoots forward to grab 
the bag. Coming into view, he point the gun at Ethan, who stops tugging at the bag.


Not if you want to live.

Ethan lets go of the bag. Ryder stands on the other side of the backseat window, 
pointing a gun in at Liam.


(Through the window)

I could say the same thing.

Liam turns and points the gun at the window. Still pointing her gun at Liam, 
Ryder reaches in through the front door to unlock the back door. She steps back 
and opens the back door.


Come join us why don't you?

Ethan steps next to Ryder, with a hunting knife in hand. Liam crawls out from 
the trunk, and steps out of the car, with his bag in hand. Ryder and Ethan step back, 
guns still pointed at each other.


Who are you?


Someone who's still alive.


We'll see.


Ryder, stop. We don't want to kill other survivors.


That's a first.


Haven't had a great time with others I guessing?


More or less.

Ryder smirks, and lifts her gun away.


I guess there's no moral gain from killing you.

Ethan shrugs her aside and steps forward. Liam aims his gun at Ethan.


And how do you know I won't kill you?


Easy. You already would have. or at least tried.


Look, we don't want to hurt you or take your stuff.


Then back away from the car.


It doesn't even work.

Liam sighs. He swings his bag over his shoulder and starts backing away, gun still 
pointed at the two.


Then have fun fixing it.

Liam turns and starts walking away. Ryder rolls her eyes and walks over to the car. 
Ethan starts following Liam.


Hey! Wait!


Sorry. Places to go, things to do.


Ah. Another smart mouth.

Liam and Ethan continue to walk away.


Hold on a minute. You plan on just going off, out there alone?


Yeah. Have been for the past three years. Why stop now?

Ethan catches up to Liam, and grabs his shoulder.


Please, wait. We could use your help.



My help? From someone you don't know who also shoved a gun in your face?


Who say's we don't know you?

Liam looks at Ryder, puzzled. She steps off the side of the car and walks towards him.


You really don't remember me?


Should I?


(Laughing to herself)

We were only good friends in high school. Well, that is until you skipped town and was 
never herd from again.

Liam begins to recognize her.




The one and only.


I...You...You look so different.


Yeah. The world coming to an end does that to you. You however look the same...only, 
more pale.


I blame the world ending.


Yup. Still a wise ass.

Liam and Ryder embrace in a hug. Ethan stands off to the side, puzzled. He turns back to 
Liam, as he and Ryder separate.


So you two really know each other?



No dumbass, we're playing make believe.


Listen, it's great to see you. And even better to see you alive, but I better get going.

Liam turns back to the road.


Wait! C'mon. Come with us.


Ethan, he obviously wants to be alone. Let him go.


No one should be alone. Not in this world.

Liam stops and turns back.


Look, it's nothing personal, but we'll all be better off if I just go.


Just for one night. Come back with us. We can help you with food and medical supplies. 
And everyone else needs to see there are others out there. They're starting to lose hope.




About fifteen of us. We have a camp on the other side of the forest.


It's obvious that you need some help. And a place to rest for the night. And in the morning
 if you want to go, then we can at least let you know a good direction to go in.


Or you could just tell me now.

Ethan turns to Ryder for help.


He's right Liam. You do look like you need help, and everyone back at the camp needs a bit 
of hope. We've been taking heavy losses, especially in the past few months.

Liam thinks for a minute.


Okay. Fine. But I won't be staying long.


No one's stopping you.

Liam walks back up to Ethan and Ryder. Ryder leads Ethan and Liam towards the woods, as they 
set off back to the camp.

Week 8- Alana Kelly

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Week 8- Kelly Bennett

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Just getting dreamy!

Week 8- Photobug Shar

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Follow your heart is dedicated to all the creatives that follow there hearts and dreams!

He'll Be BACK!

Yup, is what it is right folks? I made the White shirt with Blue “Splatter”- as it’s cheaper to print on White, and I have the White “Splatter” on the Darker shirts.

The shirts are available for sale on Black shirt click here:

White Shirt click here:

I’ll be back!… next week with a new creation! 🙂

Cheers ya’ll!

Scorpion under UV light

Throw this Brick of Grief through My Plate-glass Window Self

And so, as my heart is breaking,

this I know: anger is

an easy emotion. It masks

Sorrow witnessing

the loss that errs

in your frail body

waving and falling,

too slowly, away from

this tethering earth.

I’d mourn, but fury

is a cloak to guard

against that evil.

A red number that

drapes, lush velvet

to the floor. Dramatic,

it yells, bangs

pots in the kitchen;

is glib when you ask

for help and don’t say please.

And no tears ball up

in the apples of my

cheeks, cause rashes,

eat my flesh. Flesh

out my heart. Yes,

this slow burn is

an Armani gown, flowing

and matching the red carpet

to the Oscars. Best

Actress, that’s me.

No statue this time,

You’ll see.

“Cherry Tip”

Blaze your tip

fluorescent cherry in the sundae of the night

dry leaves crackle and drop

inhale breathes of tar

watch you glow bright

pull back towards me

spring time rain wind exhales

cloud of your perusal

down to the filter

I chew fiberglass

and swallow you whole

Week 8- Gina Marin

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Week 8- Kenia Cris

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On how I lost my place on Earth

Week 8- Ashley Davene

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The glow of the red from the stop signed was still burned in her – she sat there for moments thats felt like minutes – peering over her shoulder, making sure no one was coming up behind hereshe had only arrived here at this question, of left, right, or straight – after the day that she was standing in the garden. The rains came and carrying with them – somewhere tucked into the water droplets was this adventure that was destined to happen – the girl felt it as rain drops fell and splashed open on her- like bubbles full of vanilla pudding – she felt the adventure molecules explode on her arms, and legs, on her face- and roll down her, coating her in the journey – the sky – though stormy, was still clear and she watched as sunrays danced upon the lawn between sleepy gray clouds and powerlinesshe thought about it for a moment- about all of the beautiful -the places she had been and the things she had done, she saw the western sky line flood past her window on her first cross country drive,she felt the rush of driving through rock coated hills and seeing sand dunes, she watched as her eyes lit up at the dust devils forming and the tumbleweeds blowing across the road in Arizona – she traced her footsteps to the back pathways along the ledge- windy, dangerous- vibrant – she followed the rabbit where it would go – she stood down looking at the Colorado River from the Watch Tower – she felt all of these places and visions in this moment and she knew – without a doubt, that she must take her life- and live itnot by anyone elses standards, or the way anyone else knows how – because none IS greater or lesser and so – though the mind would love to convince us that we are being un-productive or reckless when we live bold and take chances, the girl knew that path was infact the safest – because it would bring to her – living – experience and happiness from moment to moment to moment – following her heart and not what anyone else said

the girl respected others paths, and tried to believe that this shoe did fit, she did- she tried to “make” it- and then – the popping happened- it popped off her foot- and she was left barefoot- in the garden –

and then the rain came in – that said- go Flying

Week 8 – Betty Jarra

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Flying lesson 8

Have to be at a meeting in town. It’s a good meeting with nice friendly people and a walk across half the south part of the city. The walk takes about half an hour, a perfect flying lesson.
I’m already on the tram to the south when I get a tremendous desire to smack my water bottle into the window. I realize that everyone will probably stare at me as if I’m crazy, so I don’t.
But I enjoy the feeling that I can if I want to.

Walking on St. Paul street I still have the urge to smack my bottle into every window. Looking at myself in the windows I pass the emotion is easily detected. Anger of course! But where does it come from?
I slowly scan backward in time and stop at the short meeting I had with this guy who has been annoying me for a while. I always shake him off as irrelevant and not important enough to get upset about. That feeling is still correct, he’s not important enough.
What annoys me is that he has stopped communicating with me. Says nothing at all, not even hello. He even locked me in when leaving, by mistake of course, twice!

I bumped into him just when I left and I simply asked him why he had stopped talking. He mumbled something about having too much to do but I doubt that work would prevent anyone from saying hello and goodbye.
OK, so there’s my anger, but why would I be so angry because of someone who is pretty unimportant in my life?
I keep walking as I’m investigating the anger, it doesn’t feel as if I found the real source so I change focus.
Not to be seen….
If someone passes me every day without a word, even locks me in by mistake (without apologizing afterwards) I am not visible. But this anger is not about his blindness, it’s about my own.
If I pass myself every day without seeing me, without easily giving myself everything I need I will of course not be visible. This makes me angry!
After this discovery, the windows are no longer important targets. Instead I give myself all the attention I need all the way to the meeting.

The meeting is very good and I feel fine.


I’ve been thinking about calling my cartoons with these particular characters– of which I’ve done about 40– “Bits & Pieces”, but I’m open to suggestions.  I can’t seem to stop drawing them; new characters are coming out of me all the time.  Weird.

You can see more of them on Facebook, since I’ve created way more than I’ve needed for TGAP.

My grammy & Aunt Eva

I hope my horrible sketchy handwriting is at least PARTIALLY legible.  I only felt like drawing random thoughts all week.  I actually drew this during a thunderstorm and I was outside.  I got the first “panel” done and immediately had to scramble for shelter in public without looking like a serial killer.  But in all seriousness, please don’t stand there and tell me you love them.  It doesn’t help.

Week 8~ Caron Thomas

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Week 8 – Brian Weeks

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Where do we draw the line on what art actually is? Is it still art if you finish something that someone else started and had not completed? You did not create the project – you only are adding muscle and flesh to the skeleton.

How about if the project was considered finished and you added embellishment to enhance it’s visual impact? I’m not talking about anything rash like Ted Turner colorizing classic black and white films… or am I?

I’ve always been a yard sale/thrift shop junkie. I prefer “pre-loved” to new, and find that there’s a lot more character in vintage goods. As a teenager, I found a beautiful lithograph of a pen-and-ink drawing of an owl at a church rummage sale in Holderness, NH.  The artist simply signed the piece “Beckie ’71”. It was in pretty rough shape – a little yellowed and musty, and part of it was torn and creased. I’ve held on to that drawing for damn near 20 years.  (What can I say? I like owls.)

So I’ve had this piece of art for what seems like an eternity, but I can’t display it because it looks like garbage. I decided a restoration project was in order.

I carefully cut out the owl shape, making sure to keep the artist’s signature. I then scanned it into my computer, saved a digital copy, and printed out one to use for the project.

Using Sharpie-brand markers in a variety of colors to coordinate with my bedroom decor I colored in the design. Afterward, I added a top coat of gold acrylic paint, spread very thinly with a dry brush to create a gold dust effect.

Then, I mounted it on a piece of plain brown cardboard given the same faux-gold dust treatment. To finish it off, I took a black wooden frame and gave it, too, the same finish.

So, I pose the question to my fellow Geekz: Is this truly considered art? I’d like to think so. While Beckie created the skeleton for this piece forty years ago, I customized and reinvented it to suit my personal tastes – adding the  finishing touches.  I’d imagine that this would be a point of debate. If the general consensus is that this piece is a rip-off of another person’s work, then I do have another piece as a backup that I can submit. However, I’m very interested in what others have to say.

Here is the finished product on my bedroom wall. It means a lot to me because I’ve carried it with me for so long, and I finally figured out what to do with it. I’m proud to hang this finished piece on the wall; that’s finally how it looks to me: finished. ❤