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Week 6- R.A. Matheson

Posted: May 9, 2011 in R.A. Matheson, Week 06

I Love You Too Much to Let You Live

It’s said that no feeling is worth throwing your life away over.

Acrid smell of black currant, tossing The David down an elevator shaft,

dive into murky Louisiana waters, thick as tar,

I am having an affair with Delphine LaLaurie,

sucking caterpillar bones from her skull

not even a virgin with a regenerating hymen feels as good:

the scent of flowers, coated in brown sugar and copper.

skin peeled back, a hypnosis spiral from head to left toe,

inflammation of the blood, a pig-faced lizard,

burgundy spatters on a boxing-ring mat, icon-white,

cheap whore, give her a quarter and insert your middle finger in her

as if she were a slot on a heart-rate machine in an old arcade,

vomit the water-smothered gas, serve bomb threats for breakfast,

as the eye of the storm watches you and waits to strike, I’m stupider than

a reporter in a yellow trench coat too stupid to know

when to get the fuck out,

stained tampons in a little black box cause my head to throb as if it were my cock

waiting for your twat, colour of grave-grapes,

I know the perfect woman and I wish I wasn’t with you so I could pursue her.

It’s said that no feeling is worth throwing your life away over;

but I know a feeling better than life, more terrifying than death.

Sometimes I just like to shoot candy for color and fun.

Week 6- Sarah Gellert

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Week 6- Kelly Bennett

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Pictish Piggie



Week 6- Alana Kelly

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Alana Kelly, Week 06

I actually didn’t get any painting done this week, but I did do a lot of little projects around the house. I painted these two benches I picked up at Ikea and made a cushion for them. I also covered my memo board with this adorable fabric and started painting a vinyl rug for the dining room. You wouldn’t believe how long it took just to lay down the tape and paint the stripes.


Now all I need to do is remove the tape, paint a few layers of some kind of sealant/varnish, and trim it to size. I really wanted a round rug to go under my round table, but I cut this piece too small so I’ll have to live with just rounded corners. I’ve got another piece of vinyl for the patio and the bathroom too.

The final poster for Because You Were Home, and the quick cut trailer for the film :

Week 6- Gina Marin

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Gina Marin, Week 06

Media Militia

I’ve lost keys,

And jobs; a sense

Of security – even

Some people, but

Army bases – Fort

Dix, Fort Campbell, Fort

Devens – all lent

Themselves to losing

Fear. As I watched

The failed rescue

Attempt – the helicopters, and

Hostages, Iran, crash and

A president falter when

I didn’t know where

My father was (hidden,

in some camouflaged mission

waiting room) the leap

from fright completed. Now,

The helicopters succeed and

We are supposed to joyfully

Mourn the loss of some

Evil; step aside from some

Worries – defaulted student

Loans and sick kids, unregistered

Vehicles and unrevised writing.

Focus on lost illusions or

Weight. I remember

When the television told us

About exploding shuttles,

Towers falling down,

too many wars. I remember

when the telephone rang and

The voice of my special

forces father spoke there.

Surreal, Serial, Cereal Killer

Week 6~ Caron Thomas

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Caron Thomas, Week 06

iPOD- t-Shirt design

I have been doing a lot of drawing lately and I feel that lot of the drawings i’ve been creating, would look really good on shirts.

I had originally written iPOD, however, I felt that using a typed font was better than my penmanship and added more to the play on words as this font is similar to the font used.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Print?… No print?

PS. you may see more shirt designs.

Happy mama’s day! 🙂

Week 6 – Kenia Cris

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Kenia Cris, Week 06

Land Escape

The idea for today’s collage is born from a question one of my students asked me this week.

Week 6- Elizabeth Fox

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Manga Girl

Week 6 – Betty Jarra

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 06

 Flying Lesson 6

At last, walking home from work, in sunshine!
With my workplace at a perfect distance, getting these gifts is supposed to be enjoyable.
Then I get stuck in the same track again, evasive maneuvers and thinking. Maybe I don’t really need to…., or if I only do it a little….. or maybe I don’t really have to walk aaaaaaaall the way…..
I insist that it is a gift just for me and the thinking calms down.

Because this is how I balance the two, my demands and my defiance, continuously. They keep fighting within me and I keep on whipping them both forward, encouraging their fight.
At least that’s how it’s been, first the demands (with guilt as it’s persistent little sister running close behind) and then defiance, as both a life buoy and a sinking stone at the same time, so as not to constantly run headlong straight into the wall as we do when we do just to do.

Anyway, right here and now I walk, at just the right betty pace, with arms swaying and happy thoughts. Had done some incredibly good practicing on the kids just before my walk. Confirming them and took my time with each one of them. My colleague, who is usually the rock to lean on, had however lost her grip. She had strange and irrational outbursts of anger and threats in between love and care. Interesting to witness, very sad to hear. Especially since these young kids already knew all the tracks on her broken record.
Why do we persist to poke new dark holes into kids with our big meddlesome fingers? When we really don’t need to.
Anyway I was practising the opposite, patience and acceptance.

I think I’ve almost reached phase 1 in my flying classes. Maybe finally learned the first thing one needs to know when flying high.

So I walk at the right pace again, explaining to myself that every step I take is a gift of love to myself.
Take the tram through the tunnel (I will probably one day walk up and down the hill instead, when it’s enjoyable enough) get off and walk, all the way to the diner where Helga left her mittens on our last walk.

Coming home happy and very tired.
Strange how one can become so tired from being patient and happy.

(when horse flies bite, it’s good…)
…to roll in dirt, it gives hard skin
[August Strindberg]

A bit low on that sweet sweet creativity juice this week but I managed to do this.  This is Hina Ika from my “main” project, GO FISH.  She needed a new outfit design.  I realize now I have forgotten her earrings.  And yes, I know the gradient lines are obvious but aaaaah well.  Enjoy.

i love white birch trees. they are second only to willows. this is the first stage of my project to bring the outdoors into my bedroom.