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Week 5- R.A. Matheson

Posted: May 2, 2011 in R.A. Matheson, Week 05

I Light My House on Fire

It is over…

I stare towards my feet as I watch the match drift down to the wood-paneled floor,

wet with kerosene.

I poured it like tears all over this place,

tried to wash away the stain.

I am burning this whole place to the fucking ground.

I smell the smoke of you burning like bodies in an oven at Dachau,

like the frozen remnants in snow drifts.

There is a little place in me

that wants to stop that match in its descent,

but my hatred of you is a too terrible beautiful strain I love to let live.

I am standing like Atlas under the burden of you;

I sterilize the planet,

like a thousand-million Tsar Bombs,

and you are gone.

Week 5- Gina Marin

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Week 5- Sue O’Connor

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Sue O'Connor, Week 05

This was just a nice rainy morning and I happened to catch some great water drops on bleeding hearts.


Week 5- Elizabeth Fox

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Elizabeth Fox, Week 05

Week 5- Ashley Davene

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 05

I have been through a whirl wind of experience and emotion lately- tied to nothing, floating like a feather, – this poem is a peice that is inspired from a place of grounded stillness – from a heart that finds itself renewed- settled, and ready for all that life has to offer- can we all remember a moment where we savored the beauty, bounty, and calm of our world. Satisfied

Brick by Brick

Brick by brick they’re stacked

Layers of mud and brick and oyster

Building firm walls and cupboards

To house trinkets and love affairs

They’ve had

Lining the walls with smiling faces

Colors and momentary majesty

Draped fabrics and soft cushions

Invite you to nibble on chocolate wafers

To sip hot tea and magic in

The scent of sage smoke billows

And a pipe is full of freshness

You draw it in and savor

The light dances upon the


You exhaled satisfied

With the way you have stacked

Your world

Week 5- Alana Kelly

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Alana Kelly, Week 05

I made this for my bathroom. I feel like it needs something, but here it is so far. It’s hard to see but there’s also some blue in the background.


TGAP Week 5-  Another GITD Experiment

Screenshots form the upcoming film Because You Were Home

Week 5- Sarah Gellert

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Week 5-Kelly Bennett

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Kelly Bennett, Week 05

Kick your shoes off and stay awhile…

Another fabulous weekend in sunny Florida 🙂

Week 5- w.c. pelon

Posted: May 1, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 05

“Flower Sticks: Part 2”

Here is the second, heavier set of juggling sticks (as I mentioned in my week 4 post).  These are again made with wooden dowels & inner tube, but this time around I was able to try out some red, white & blue self-fusing vinyl tape.  This allowed me to make a very grippy set that’s colorful to boot!

While I prefer the aesthetics of the previous sticks, these are functionally one of the best sets I’ve made so far.

Here is a brief video of them in action:

Week 5~ Caron Thomas

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Caron Thomas, Week 05

Liquid Space

DC Dichotomy

You slash verse from the budget,
Until it’s got no place
In the curriculum you claim

Reading a mathematical
Text and rote memorization
Of tainted historical facts are
The cure for all that ails us (which
To you is simply the
ing e-con-
o-me.) While,

The Poet Laureate sits in
A swanky Washington office and
Fumbles with his pen, wondering
“Why the fuck am I here?” Searching
For a job description (an-
y – where) when he knows

Across The Mall ogres
Argue against art.

So, he swooshes the air
With a sword that seems
To have lost its point. Slammed
Into this world, born

Artists, naked in this story,
(for every yin, a yang,
every tick, a tock,
every flip, a flop,

for every battlefield casualty, a premature birth)

We know, Mr. Conservative,
Why you hate poetry
And wish you could bury
It in some sandy lot next
To back copies of the New
York Times
: the truth makes
An ass of you, the butt
Of each joke in poetry and its mirror
News of words.

And time,
Well, time reveals
Your task, Mr. Laureate –

Take that pen down
From above the hearth
To remind us why

Each stanza matters.

Week 5-Devin Eldridge

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Devin Eldridge, Week 05

Grow. Trade. Live.

I have created a T-shirt design for week 5. This is an idea I have bounced back and forth for a while now. This design is promoting local farming, trading and living a happy, healthy life.
I have a couple of other t-shirt designs that I am hoping to execute as well.

What do you think… should I print it?

Week 5 – Kenia Cris

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Kenia Cris, Week 05

Applied dimensional analysis of human basic constants