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Untitled Poem

The streets drown under the fallen tears.

The sky, the eyes of the world, flood what lies underneath.

And my throbbing heart beats, while the city lights fall asleep.

Like a disease, visions of his face eats away at my body.

The cannibalistic act ravages away.

Tears run down the buildings that tower above the others.

My blood runs thin in the flood.

Circling the drains.

Tainting the tears.

Dear God, rip this heart away from me.

It belongs to one who doesn’t want it.

Love has broken me,


he has broken me.

So take it away.

Keep it for me.

And I’ll leap to your arms.

I’ll fall with the tears,

that will wash away this mess.

My hour glass drops the last grain of sand,

as I imprint the flooded streets.

And I send all of my love to you.


“Steampunk Geekz”

resources: Photoshop CS5, clip art, custom shapes for Photoshop

This week I decided to try my hand at reworking the classic Twin Geekz logo.   I’m a big fan of  steampunk/victorian/retro/industrial themes, so I tried to incorporate that while retaining elements of the original.

Week 3 – Amber Perkins

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Amber Perkins, Week 03

Week 3 – Brian Weeks

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 03

Father and Son

These two photos were taken in August, 1980 – I guess it to be late August, as the swing set was a birthday present that year, and my birthday is the 23rd.  At first glance, the two source photos look the same sitting next to each other in the album. After further reflection, though, that the subtle differences will appear…

I’m posting early this week, not because it’s become habit, but because I’m leaving in the morning to visit my father, and then my mother. Now that I’m back home in New Hampshire, I spend one weekend a month visiting family across the state.

Last month, I went to visit my dad and on the way there I was listening to Cat Stevens’ Tea For The Tillerman album. When I was very young, Dad would play this 8-track tape in his pickup when we’d go out for a drive.

As I grew older, I also grew apart from my father. Different interests, lifestyles, what have you. As an angst-ridden teen, I listened to the track “Father and Son” so much I wore out the grooves in my first vinyl copy.

Now, as an adult, my father and I have a better relationship, though still distant. Time can heal. I’m making an effort to begin that process.

Getting things together for the trip – my laptop, iPod, et cetera, I found this week’s inspiration from the Cat Stevens CD still sitting in the bottom of my laptop bag where I left it five weeks ago.

I’d like to think that if given the chance, all of us would go back in time to repair damaged relationships, some may even go back further so as not to cause the damage in the first place. But, we also know this is not possible.

I wish I had tried harder to be close with my Dad. I wish he had been more available to me growing up – emotionally as well as having a physical presence in the house. Dad was away a lot, at his camp (now his primary home), on fishing trips, or just tucked away in the back corner of the house in his workshop. When I was 16, my parents divorced and he left altogether.  He would return a few years later, but too much time had passed. I had now become an adult.

So, as I have come full circle, returning home, it’s time for me to reconnect. While I can’t fix the past, I can try for a better present and future.