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Week 1- w.c. pelon

Posted: April 1, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 01

“Floppy Disk Notepad”

Floppy Disk Notepad

materials used: 5 1/4" floppy diskette, loose leaf rings, recycled graph paper

This is the first in a series of  “functional art” pieces.   Rather than falling back on the graphic poetry which comprised the majority of my submissions for the first two TGAPs,  I thought I’d move in a different direction this time around.


Week 1 – Betty Jarra

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 01


Last time I did the Twin Geekz I investigated my body, thouroughly, inside and out.

This time I have decided to use it. To put it to the ultimate test. I will learn to fly!
(Got my wings already, two of them, tattoed one on each foot.)
It’s a little complicated with these flying lessons since I am both the teacher and the student. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
First of all I’ve planned a whole series of lessons already, one for each day to be exact so I ought to get used to them pretty quickly, and then I’m already used to myself, so!
The lessons are given as a gift, from me to my body, I think that’s the most difficult part of these flying lessons. But otherwise it would probably not be flying lessons at all, just something plain that anyone could achieve.
So here they are!

Giving you my first 52 flying lessons.




Flying lesson 1)
Give my body a gift, and give it every day!

   The gift is a walk, at least half an hour. I can tell you that it is equally difficult to give it as receiving it. First of all I decided (as a teacher) that it should be enjoyable, so I will start by taking the tram over the bridge, since walking over the bridge isn’t always enjoyable in the winter. (I live on an island and if I want to leave it I need to use either a bridge or a boat.)
The first problem appears already on the tram. Since it’s my first lesson, every detail becomes complicated (since I cannot fly yet). So my first decision is, should I sit or should I stand? It’s just one stop!
It’s a bit tricky to decide but finally, I decide to stand. Pweeh! I have no problems deciding matters like this when I go to work or to town or at any other time …. but as I said, this is my very first lesson. I guess I’ll become more familiar with all the small details as I go along.

  Then I walk.
As an additional feature to the lesson, I decide to make the walk meditative (I think I’m a pretty good teacher already) so getting rid of thoughts, breathe and just be. I get a call on my cell phone after a while so it doesn’t work all the way but pretty OK though, being my very first lesson.
I get a problem when I’ve been walking for half an hour, aproximately half the walk I decided to do. Should I stop for a while to have a coffee and read my book or should I do that at the end of the walk? Should I even have a coffee?
Yes I know, I think far too much.
Anyway, I decide to maybe have a coffee later. I think of a place that might be a good one and continue to walk.

  I walk on the ice on a small lake and suddenly there’s a bench in the sun, so I sit down with my book for a while anyway. I read with very open eyes to make the pineal gland kick start so I will get rid of my persistent spring depression (I get it every spring and it’s a bit tricky, before I figure out why).
Then I continue to walk, almost a bit happy. On the last stretch I pass a tram stop and I strongly consider to stop walking right there. In the end I decide that I didn’t quite get the hang of receiving a gift, the WHOLE gift, so I move on. In fact, there’s only 4 minutes walk left by that time, but damn hard to finish it right anyway.
Then I take the tram back across the bridge and complete my first flying lesson!

  I don’t know how many lessons I will need to finally fly all by myself but all my lessons are already booked and prepaid, and so are my wings, so I’ll probably just carry on.

Can you fly?

Aiming higher than Ikaros

Week 1- Elizabeth Fox

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Elizabeth Fox, Week 01
Hoping for Spring

My Backyard

The kids had the day off of school today because it snowed 5 inches and the electricity was out.  Perfect time to paint.  Haven’t painted in years, hope I did my crabapple tree justice.
This is watercolor on 140lb coldpress paper.

Week 1- Brian Weeks

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 01

It looks like I’m the first to post this week. I’ve actually been done since yesterday, but I was having trouble exporting the finished image from Inkscape, the program I was using. (Anyone out there have any tips for me?) What you see above is a JPEG of a screen capture of the finished product, which renders the colors a little murky. When and if I am able, I will post the actual file if I can ever get it exported correctly.

The photo I based this on was taken in Fall River, MA a couple of years ago. I was standing in a parking lot on this overcast day and just happened to look over at this row of houses, which reminded me of the opening of “All In The Family” – the muted colors even suggested the early 1970s…

I really like the idea of digital “painting” and will probably explore it more in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to get myself a tablet – I’m a lefty that uses the mouse with my right hand. I can only imagine what I can do when I’m able to use my dominant hand. 😀 See y’all next week!