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so this weeks writing peice is just inspired by too much honey, rain, and emotion in a weekend – no, there is no such thing as too much honey, rain, or emotion – but! This great blend if you will folded together in the vaporry essence of my heart and combusted into an infusion of poetic words written from the perspective of an artist to her daughter – and how she might feel after her great quest of creation, to be in this role, at that very moment – an honoring of the great gift

and yes, perhaps even a little bit of what one could call – wishful thinking


– Serendipitous Eyes –

My feet pressing into the sandy shore

In all of its honey suckle sweetness – your head pressed against mine

Our embers dance with each others, our emotions caressing the flames

Building, joyfully in celebration, dancing in antiquity , in a space of preservation that states that the stars come out each night and that each morning the sun rises

The only time and space in which this type of love could thrive the only place where there could exist such a stillness, such an island

Coconuts hang low offering sweet creams, guavas temptingly roll before our feet, seashells and sand crabs scurry about, a sweet and gentle moon pulls and tugs the tides as I lock eyes – and in twine your fingers in mine

I see myself in you, and I see your father , his spirit, and I am glad for it, beyond the color I see the cosmos and I honor your journey from the stars, the way you now gift us daily as you unfold in all of your colors, in everyday where more and more you find yourself, the way that wood and glass seems to find its way upon the shore, the same magical current that washes all good things into our lives

This same dream that I taste now as the sunsets, as salt water droplets roll down my cheeks like the rains that folds over the tropical sky

It is now I know that my greatest creation has been accomplished, and my soul lives on, in your brave and serendipitous Eyes.


Wonderland is said to be a different place or an imaginary realm. A portal that leads somehow to a wonderful world of possibilities where the things are larger than life, and whimsical, ethereal, malleable, and perhaps even a bit creepy when you get right down to it but in a place like wonderland you as the character become very real and present

Life is no longer an endless buffet of television, briefcases, cubicles, warmed up dinners, and thoughtless bull shit. No, why quite to the opposite when you are in a world like wonderland why just the site of a new thing before your eyes can invoke an adventure, a new found love or passion, – a wonderment –

Wonder – and all that many uses of the imagination – creation

The stroll down the lane is no longer boring or monotonous – it is daring and whimsical – each thing on the street holds life and in wonderland – these life’s speak to you, they reach out and touch you and fold you into their presence –

The wind is felt as a welcomed friend that comes to sweep through your hair or blow forward your chariot! Or blow, forward you hat- with hidden friends and treasures.

The person you pass on the street is not just some other person to look away from or throw out a half hearted smile – they are a character- a chitty chatty lady with round glasses a squealy voice and head dress? A round bellied butcher with welcome redness to his cheeks and hands as large as a bears? Or!

Prince charming! There- right there- performing for his supper and bed, there- up high in the window of the tower just past the end of the rainbow and over the shire- just ahead there – in the distant and you can feel him and in wonderland

The characters come and they know – and they tell you stories and let you in on secrets and offer you visions – in wonderland you take morning tea with sweet treats you lick honey off the spoon and swallow it down with warm words and friendship – you eat cake at any hour of the day and you frolick, you roll in the open air you enchant – where ever you are

So you see – wonderland is entered through a portal but only by the one that exists in our hearts- the one that we slip through each day as we rise, each sacred morning – the one we choose to embody each day – how the world Is perceived through our eyes – 

Choose the wonder- full – there is a reason that the word wonder also precedes the word full – thus suggesting that one who is rich with wonder if also full – up on all of the good thangs’


We Saw


Well since you all know my art is my life – my life and the beauty of everyone in it created today’s submission. Waking from a night of fabulous moon-ness – I took a look around at the things that waited there for me , I saw these things as not a mess, but a present, a sure sign of presence in my life and of the million ways it is showing up for me

And since I wasn’t able to snap any shots last night, and since everyone snaps shots of the party happening anyway, I thought it would be fun to make an art project of the aftermath of the party, that if you look at the trinkets and such tell a story all their own about the times, the peoples, the magic

and then if you really get silly and think about things being super fun, perhaps the party was having a party all of its own while watching us … who knows 🙂 But it does make for an interesting perspective for a picture and a fun little story of characters

Alter of The Moon Goddess – sworn to silence after circle – you want get a word out of us- hmmph

Yes, there was hooping – we Saw Everything – we’ll tell it all have a seat, grab a drink, make yourself comfortable

Tehehehe- ohh why yesss, there were pretty people present tehehehe we were there


Guests In the Window

We Saw You

 We Might Have yes.. perhaps we did … and then we danced in the fountain i do believe..yes

“ehhhhh we didnt see anything man we were just like laid back maxin and relaxin you know -uhhhh is that marble cake I see in your hand there?”

Very “Special” Brownies for very special Friends…

Infused w/ Love – thc- and Slathered with Dolce De Leche… Dreamy Moon Cakes Baby

The End , yes it was sizzlin and we’d do it again

the point is that its completely over the top and stereo typical – much love

Week 29 – Ashley Davene

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 29

lalalalalalala I dont want to talk about it – enjoy

The sweetest taste 

Sweet amber dust dips on the night

Rolls down the streets to that room

There in the dusted sunlight

Where books are stacked and papers drape over piles and hide under furrowed scratches of lovers tongues through hands met, paper, steadied by present thought through finger tip there and only there lay seen by any other then the heart, these want desires these longings for the time when cheek is pressed against neck, tongue against heat that reaches to your ear and softly whispers lover I am here these fevered scribbles lay open fading in the sunlight against the paper as the intensity of truths meet with the sun each morning in the garden and insist that the flowers bloom the same intensity that forges every river, the same drive that tempts the water onward to carve and caress to possess each thing in its path, to offer up its watery home, the same drive that blazes the fire the same want that urges it to die when deprived and stripped of its oxygen – the love that lays on those willowing papers the same love that I fear walks with me each step I take home the same love that denies me breath if not to breathe each breath taking in you

Week 28 – Ashley Davene

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 28

This weeks geek is oil pastel on canvas – and was inspired by a picture on The Teachings of Abraham Well Being Cards –

Each of the cards have a different mantra and message this perticular card says;

“This is a glorious time for me to be on this earth!”

“You are extensions of Source Energy here in these magnificent physical bodies.

The amazing diversity of your time-space-reality provides the perfect balance from which to create and attract.

There has never been a better time to be upon your planet”

I love the message, and the picture so I thought – why not put it on canvas and hang it on my wall in rememberance of this truth –




Here is a part of my drawing with the actual card in the bottom right corner –

Week 27 – Ashley Davene

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 27

This weeks geek is both a picture I took and tweeked, and a poem, inspired by the picture which made me feel like the light of someone magical was sneaking through my window and inviting me into a new and magical world –

Through the Glass with Alice

and oh the light with glory glows

to chart the path of sweet repose

ever yearning beseech my soul

to wind upon, to take a stroll

you temp me in your louring ways

to dance and drink and joy for days

to leave a world with boxes square

for circles vastness open air

I laugh I sing without a care

you slip into my window, take me there

(c) 2o11 A. Davene

Week 26 – Ashley Davene

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 26

So here is a new song I just wrote but I am still working on the guitar part, and below is a youtube video I recorded in FL before I left home in July

Relax a bit honey

This may sound quite funny

But you’re like a rhythm to me

Lay down in the sweet breeze

Put your hands on my bare knees

We’ll sway for a while

with the trees

Cause your like the sunrise

Creeping through my window at dawn

Wipe the starlight out of my eyes

And soon as I do you are gone

Don’t know why – time flys

Like a little birdy in june

All I know is I cry inside

Everytime its not you  

You move me completely

And darling I love you I do

Relax little baby

You’ve come here to save me

But now it looks like that I’m saving you

From a life of pure chaos it’s ok you got a lost

I’ve been lost a time or a two

The point is you found me

And now you surround me

And I feel you in all that I do

So lay pretty baby with me in the daisies

It’s a heart beat – it’s a breath – it is truth

Cause your like the sunrise

Creeping through my window at dawn

Wipe the starlight out of my eyes

And soon as I do you are gone

Don’t know why – time flys

Like a little birdy in june

All I know is I cry inside

Everytime we are through

You move me completely

And darling I love you I do

Oh you know that I love you I do

I do

The Koi, is a majestic fish – fish in general symbolism emotion, dream space, and the mystic world simply by living in the water. I have also taken note that if you loose your gaze in the water they speak to you of truths, they can transform you into a state of grace, and clarity where all seems easy – all seems possible. Today I draw on the strength of the Koi, and I create poetry in their honor, and 2 pictures – oil pastel on  paper.

Shimmering koi

my dreams escalate with the ripples of the water

the scales transform to coins

with the off gaze of my eyes

twinkling in rapture

captivate me and Im

soaring through time space and falling

into the bottom of a spiraling portal

 like alice through the looking glass

my passage the enchanted back scales of the koi 

glistening like crystals in the sun they mezmorize

and I see my dreams unfold 

between the dawn, and twilight, the shimmering gold

mimics my hearts desire

and suddenly – in this mystic watery world

everything seems possible

Week 24 – Ashley Davene

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 24

The most sacred thing about poetry to me is that it is a spell if you will – a recipe of magic to case and unfold laughter, or sorrow, tears, tongue twisters, truth or dares, first kiss, fears- all turn into – flowing leaves and weeping willows – each peice you read and think to decipher it but perhaps the writer is the only one who really ever knows exactly what was the intent of the poetic package

With the autumn leaves I fall

Past lake and lane and window

I roll through corridors

Past crates and carts and symbols

Painted upon the walls

The things we hide we kindle  

Blazing through the night

My autumn moon bleeds crimson

Week 23 – Ashley Davene

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 23

So this weeks post is a little free hand drawing in paint accompanied by some writing …its kind of meant to be a comedic post about when you find the will to walk away from that midnight snack of fourthmeal bowl of cereal … now all I can think about is eating cereal and chocolate……. Mazlta Lovies

“Look Up”

Here you are, finding yourself

Floating over this bowl of cereal

Unable to raise the spoon to your lips

Incapable of grazing the soy milk with your tongue

Lapping up the wet and silky presence

Instead you linger – you hover


ready to dive into the crisp soggy circles

The life savers that long to raft down your throat

And into your stomach to soothe you with their

Nutritional concentration

Burning fuel to stimulate your imagination

You make a proclamation

Because once they pass your lips there is no turning back

You drop the spoon – pour the cereal into the garbage disposal

Your sorry you wasted – you poor a glass of water

You drink it

You decide to have the honey nut goodness for breakfast

Instead of fourth meal

This decision is golden and it signals restriction and will

You toss your floating locks into a theoretical pony tail

And you feel the cotton off your pajamas pressed up against

Your rounded buttocks as you slither into your sheets

Chilled to a perfect degree by the night air

Nothing surrounds you but the dark, but the trace of stars and cars

the nothingness folds into everything

and suddenly you are there a planet rider weightless

up and down up and down

what beauty – what expanse – what magnitude – what abundance

what bliss

Look up

To this

Week 22- Ashley Davene

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 22

We sometimes get caught up in a space where each thing has to be some great story or serve some highest good or purpose and perhaps it does on some large and grand scale, some scheme some where but sometimes we cant see that in our day – and the point of it is not to start or begin – to raise up or level off somewhere – but to just be – the random and colorful adventure that it is. Each day not trying to define anything, or boast but – buckling up your boots and putting on your hat and sunglasses and hitting the world as the adventerous one. The wanderer who knows that the wise is firm in their roots but bendable in their experience from moment to moment to moment.

treking from your car to your office building even, or the universe of opportunity that lies in great dive bars and coffee shops around the corner, or meditations to be had on lunch breaks in the field, dragonflies to meet and dafodils to dance with. Be The adventerous one, follow your heart – balance the lines of pragmatism and random

Sometimes its dances with weeping willows

Sometimes its sea spray

Sometimes its large gulps of lemonade that leaves sugar crystals on your lips

Sometimes it’s a slow dance with someone you love

Sometimes its heat yoga

Sometimes its garden green

Sometimes its hemp

Sometimes its vodka

Sometimes its cream

Sometimes its iciles

Sometimes its art

Sometimes it’s a musical venue

A coffee house

A brightly lit street

A dark and winding funnel

A skyline that connects you to the world

A familiar boy or girl

Sometimes its Everything

 “The Art of Random”

(random photos from my random weekend, in random order)



Week 21 – Ashley Davene

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 21

This weeks geek is inspired by a picture I took of the city – driving into Los Angeles, feeling the love – feeling Lovely I call it:

“She Lights We”

Her bright lights are me

endless sweetness, thought, possibility

all the places I have painted shadows of us

In all the intimate coffee shops, inside of soy buttery scones

Etched on canyon trails and smeared on sides of cinema buildings

I paint our story I spout words

 through her Life

through her laughter

Through the infiltrating breathe that inhales

As the neon lights come on

And exhales as the chains roll down

and touch against the concrete

I pray I walk

I count I talk

Of our love story inside

The city

Week 20 – Ashley Davene

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 20

I call this weeks geek – “Alter Aspect” , because everything in the world flows in duality. To each experience, its opposite exists.

Today is the only day when the sun and moon are balanced, Tu Bav’ is what inspired me


Sweet alter aspect of me

oppose my savory

showing up in all colors

rays of whimsic enchantment


do you bloom more

are your petals fuller

when they drink upon the endless

& abundant sweet sap

of consciousness


the color, like all things blend into &

 re-emmerge from the darkness


and so it suggests that there is more color to be had yet,

and many more sips of consciousness to warm

colored petals

Week 19- Ashley Davene

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 19

This weeks geek doesnt really have a title, but if I were to call it something it would be california dreaming

Its a mixed media collage, utilizing paper clippings and oil pastels as the backbone, with some crate paper and glitter making an appearence just for a little extra enhancement

Photo showcased on the bike in LA for good measure, I am definately California Dreamin


Week 18- Ashley Davene

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 18

I title this weeks geek –

“The Art of Zen”

Life,  fast- slow- dark – light – Relaxed- Tumultuous-

depending – from moment to moment to moment – nothing is guaranteed is it ever? And so – like living lightly in a strang land a wise host here on planet earth is a practicer of “The Art of Zen” finding time for a sacred space amongst chaos- creating, your own magical story, horizon – moment. Because lets face it, who will do it if you dont?

I have lit candles in Prayer and Love

I have Sat with my God and Goddess

I have hung my feet over the ledge dangling on either side of the line

I have walked the sacred Path

I have Meditated at the Vortex

I have sang with the blue birds

I have howled with the Wolves

I have found myself in light

I have found myself in darkness

and three words ring true to me in all these spaces- within all these things

Shanti Shanti Shanti

Peace Peace Peace

So the secret, the truth to the art of Zen – RELEASING

every single expectations you have in the moment that may or may not be met – and instead – replacing it with a deep acceptance, understanding and Love – fueled from where? the only space guaranteed to fulfill while still taking breaths on planet earth, from no other – no external source- but from your very own heart.

In gratitude an enlightened one walked over to me at the vortex while I was hugging a tree, and said “Have a crystal” – I in awe, replied “Have a Hug”

Here is the crystal he handed me

and so, as this wise one has gifted me in tangible efforts, I too gift you – with “The Art of Zen” = Releasing , accepting

“And he shall give his angels charge over you to keep you in all ways”

With so much love,



Week 17- Ashley Davene

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 17

On the road to destiny

Though the pathways hid

Breathe in breathe out

Wrap it in my skin

A reminder that is evident

That what is out is in

A reminder that the stars collide

And planets often spin

A pattern forms as we surmise

We stop so we begin

Devils float and often fall

And angels sometimes sin

Whats right is wrong

Whats wrong is right

So surely I will win

Week 16- Ashley Davene

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 16

This weeks art submission geeked me, I think as oposed to me geeking it.  I wandered the craft aisles looking at sketch pads, canvas, yarn and craft paper , and I – just wasnt inspired. With all the preperation and space devoted to the book and the pending travels very soon to cali, the releasing of one space to create another, the reinvention, creation, the flying, the nesting, the letting go, the creativity meter was running low or so I thought until  it hit me – Manga, I was going to create manga. Cooking after a long day or just on a long day often inspires me. I see it too as a space for art where our creativity meets with our inventiveness and all of the spices, seasonings, mediums to work with but instead of acrylic or oil pastel its  tofu and broccoli, chick pea and pita. The possibilities are endless so I spent an afternoon shopping for local digs and harvesting my finds in the kitchen to create this – Manga! Fresh tomatos with balsalmic oil and seasonings, olives, dried apricots, wine, fresh bread and Sunday afternoon Pasta. To share with the family and note that it is all Vegan – yes, can you believe it?

I title this submission:

“The Art of Manga'”

                     The Mushroom Meat

                   The Meal

                    The Art of Manga


I, for luck on my impending San Francisco move / adventure spectacular spectacular – paired it with this bottle of “Bohemian Highway” Claifornia Merlot

and after a few glasses of this in between sparkling italian’ lemon water I was finally inspired to write that poem – which goes as follows

She strolled in through the gates of vienna

turning, just past the fountain

her bicycle tracks pressed deeply into the dirt

as her skirt rose on the wind

gliding through the space

freely like the flowers there playing in the grass

the sky – so blue

a blue that echos

she with finger extended pressed back twice

to ring the bell

a signal that her basket was full

with wine, and bread

dried apricots and perrier

she rang ahead to her love

whom she knew was waiting

by the tree on this day

in that meadow

she rang the bell for love,

for the family that he was,

for the stars and the moon and the wine juice

for the streams and the rivers

and the manga


And so you see, this weeks art submission – geeked all over me – Happy Sunday! – Manga

This was just super feeling of poetry moving through me coming and going quickly, like the cooling rains of summer in the south . Two diff. poems


rain rain deep purple rain
launched against window sills like rockets

day breaks in the garden
remnants of morning pancakes
and maple sap smear their way
across the beating pounding of my heart

and all four walls are there
and the garden
where I grow tomatos and
wait for the days where the rain comes up

to entagle with quilts
ink meet paper meet quil
rain rain purple rain
thump ker thump
an ink stained poets heart


the mountains moved
against painted palats
backdrops of the wonderment of our lives

full moments met head on with flesh
and scalp and symetry
scalding pots filled with redding crustations
and and fat bald balls and bisquits

warm situations to be had
leaves that tumble empty
upon the full black top

you stop
the wind whistles against
the book shop perched ahead
coffee navigates your chest
the crow flys
and you know you are home

this is just a little sketch oil pastel on notebook paper- just what I felt express itself after the poetry came out

“Move through the Movements” – Sanskrit AUM


Oil Pastel on Canvas

Week 13- Ashley Davene

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 13





Tapestries and stained glass windows
Chocolate and Merlot
Cranberries and watery fields
Warm and buttery rolls
afternoon rain pressed against my dress
Water running down the drain
Furry rugs and hardwood
Fireplace and candy canes
The texture, and taste the gooeyness
Oh how I wish it would snow


An ode to a cup of hot cocoa w/ marshmallows