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Week 5 – Betty Jarra

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Betty Jarra, Week 05

Flying lesson 5

Walking all the bridges, at least once across each one. Together with Helga, who is walking with me this time, I hardly notice that I’m walking on them before I’m already across.
Swinging my arms a bit in between all the womantalk about men. Though it might not be the kind of talk you think, about how and why or about snowballs in hell, even though you might expect it.
No, we talk about how absolutely fantastic it is to have a good male dialogue partner. Being able to talk about everything under the sun, having fun, finding new unexpected answers and just spreading ourselves out together with someone we don’t know all that well yet. Just because it’s inspiring and gives so much in return.
And how great it is to get a goodmorninghihello and a bedtime hug in your mail almost every day.
Helga gets at least four of those every day while I get one. But I’m not the least bit jealous, instead I wish her even more hugs and hellos.

There’s a constant snowfall on top of our heads during our entire bridge walk. Small wet flakes turning into huge wet flakes. We still have to walk the whole bridge and a bit more. Then a stop, a cup of coffee and some heavy thinking before we manage to decide what we want and don’t want. If it should be healthy enough or delicious enough to have with the coffee, until the snow stops.

I don’t always like walking in sunny weather. It often feels as if a sunny walk, specially on weekends, is filled with requirements. Sun and free time all joined together and since nothing could be better it better be good. Expectations of being happy and enjoying it.
I like to decide for myself if I should be happy or just generally indifferent even on a sunny day. Therefore I appreciate the plain grey. My male dialogue partner says that it’s only because I’m too obstinate. He’s probably right, mostly he is.

Then some more walking, then a lot of running around, to find a place to pee, anywhere, not there, someone might see, but preferably right now or even immediately, then finally……..I drag Helga in to a nice block of service apartments where there are proper toilets, pheeew!
Crazy how difficult it can be to pee when you’re not a man. At least for Helga, I don’t pee so suddenly.

Yes, exactly that kind of walk! Being able to talk about everything under the sun, even when it’s snowing and there isn’t too much sun.

Today, I’m also taller, I guess it was another pretty good flying lesson.
I tend to become taller, slightly more grown up too I think, in any case at least just as tall as those around me and a bit taller than some, whenever I grow on my inside.

above and below…………constantly growing upwards


This was just a doodle, but my wife liked it so much she thought I should post it.  So, here you go.  I give you…

“Ninja Doodle-doo”

We’re celebrating the birthdays of two of the original Geekz this month- Heather Ouellette-Cygan and Jim Tyrrell– so Heather and  Jim, this one’s for you!

I’m breaking from the Ghost Story pages this week.  Didn’t feel very inspired but I’ve been doing some technical thought sketches of these guys: Angels of Death.  They’re for my digital webcomic GO FISH.  So…enjoy!



Here is the TGAP logo reimagined as Art Nouveau. Other Geekz have tried their hand at rebooting the logo, and here’s my first attempt. This wasn’t what I intended to do this week – I was fooling around in Inkscape, and looking at some Art Nouveau books, and the piece was half done before I realized what I was making.

The idea has been tossed around to challenge all the Geekz to redo the logo one week, just for fun. I still have another idea for that, if the gauntlet is laid down. 😀