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Oh… it’s ON!

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Geekmaster Newz

To all the “local” Geekz,

The TGAP meeting is on for tonight- Friday the 4th- at the Common Man in Ashland.  I know there are a few of you who are unable to be there; I’m so sorry that we couldn’t schedule it when more of you are available.  Among other things, I will be going over a handout on how to upload your submissions, but I will also email the handout as a pdf file to everyone.  By the end of the meeting, we should have a definite date for the start of the project.

– the Geekmaster


Greetings, local Geekz–

Mother Nature strikes again.  Plus two of the geekz are sick and two more have to stay home to nurse their kitty after surgery.  We won’t meet Monday night, but we can try for Friday, March 4th at 5:30pm.  Please RSVP to the Geekmaster.

Meeting canceled

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Geekmaster Newz

Well, NH ‘s weather is being, well, New-Hampshiry.  For those of you who were planning to attend tonight’s meeting, I wanted to let you know that we are canceling.  The roads are expected to be quite slick, and we don’t want anyone risking their life just for appetizers and geeky conversation!

We’re thinking of rescheduling to Monday night, February 28th.  Please let me know if that works for you.  Now… go make snow angels!

–the Geekmaster

TwinGeekz Planning Meeting

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Geekmaster Newz

Anyone interested in joining the project as one of the artistz is cordially invited to attend the TGAP 3 planning meeting at 5:30pm on Friday, February 25th, upstairs at the Common Man restaurant in Ashland, NH.  We’ll be hashing out details, including when to begin this year of forced creativity.  An email will be sent to all participating Geekz within a few days after the meeting, giving everyone the down n’ dirty on what transpired at the meeting and details on how to upload submissions.

Those who are interested in following our progress as a fan but not in being a participant can join the mailing list on our homepage, and there is a link to our facebook page there as well.  Watch for a post-meeting update sometime early next week!

–The Geekmaster

And so it begins… again.

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Geekmaster Newz

The geekz are at it again– or soon will be.  The third TwinGeekz Artz Project is coming soon, and they are looking for fresh artistz to enlist.  Please be sure to join the mailing list at to stay in the loop, and if you’re interested in joining the project you can contact us from there as well.  Remember: all creativity needs is a deadline.