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Jim Tyrrell is a songwriter/musician from Plymouth, NH. Armed with a guitar and a piano (keyboard), he plays over 100 solo and band shows each year in bars that used to be smoky before they passed that law.

Jim performs songs from a large body of original material, with an emphasis on storytelling and humor. His third full-length album (Onward To Yesterday) was released in 2010, and work has already begun on another compilation of originals. Jim’s performances also draw from a repertoire of over 300 well-known cover songs.

Jim can be found performing all over (and occasionally outside) New England, and in several places online:

For booking info, call 603.960.0636 or email


Stacey Lucas– also known as Veggie Art Girl– is a freelance artist and creator of all things swirly and colorful.  She likes to make art out of junk.  She likes to paint words.  She likes to be messy, but enjoys the organization in small, random things in life: collecting hardware in old pickle jars, cooking yummy meals and making to-do lists.  She is most centered when she has a Sharpie marker in her hand and is writing on a crisp piece of paper.

Stacey has a classically trained artistic eye and a degree in graphic design, but her creations tend to be a little offbeat and her artistry is fresh and whimsical.  She owns her own funky and unique consignment art boutique on Squam Lake in Holderness, NH.  This is Stacey’s first time participating in the TwinGeekz Artz Project.

2005, hard at work on a submission for the first TGAP


w.c. pelon is a 34 year old hardcore pinko vegan pacifist metalhead loner blue-oyster-cult-worshipping computer nerd and sometimes revolutionist…   you know, one of those.   this is his third participation in the TwinGeekz Artz Project.  you can send him hate mail and/or love letters at

Heather seems to be dying when she is not writing; therefore, she has chosen to live her life in a constant state of revision. She wrote her first poem, about a cat, when she was five years old and has used the genre of poetry as a GPS unit ever since. She also writes fiction, non-fiction and drama.

When not writing, she is working to help young minds resist the establishment and as an activist, most particularly for gay rights. She is marrying this passion with her one for writing currently by composing a positive book of practical advice for the parents of queer youth. With her husband, two children, three cats, one Pyrenees Mountain dog, and several residential rodents, who scamper about above the tin ceilings, she is living in and working to restore an 1840’s farm house.

She is an original geek, who has been involved with the Twin Geekz Artz Project since its inception and was the only participant to complete all 52 submissions for TGAP2.

Michael is a funky “redumbdent” manchild who enjoys making love to himself instead of war with others. He has a flair for the pen and sometimes even draws with one. In his off-time he befriend helpless dolphins with issues. What a nice guy.

This unconventional artist pays the bills with his job as a printer.  Day after day of taking out the company’s trash led him to the realization that printing produces quite a bit of  waste, so he decided to take some of that “trash” and, well… be creative with it.  You can see the product of his little brainstorm at

Michael has also acquired a website at which he will post submissions from all over the country (and the world?) in a project called “The Footnotes”. He has created a postcard with a rendering of two sets of feet in the grass (like two friends lying side by side) above which people can add voice balloons, thought bubbles, draw pictures… whatever they want to add to create their own unique “footnote”… and then mail it back to him via “snail mail”.  He is shamelessly recruiting friends– and perhaps even strangers– to help distribute the postcards in local coffeehouses, to friends, on street corners… wherever their little hearts desire!  Contact him at or visit if you’re interested.

Born at a very young age, Robyn is a once bookseller turned frenetic engineer who spends her valuable free time reading, questioning authority (though not usually out loud) and wondering why her body is living forward while her soul is traveling in reverse. She blends her obsessive compulsivity with a warped view of the world to create confusing poems written in really neat handwriting.

She enjoys decorating funky cakes (, creating art from a single word (, helping women achieve their goals at Curves ( and maintaining multiple websites– obviously– including the TwinGeekz page.

Robyn has recently landed a job at a summer academic camp/school in Wolfeboro, NH, and while her days will be spent in the offices, it still feels like a step toward what she had initially aspired to do in her college days as an English education major.

She participated in both TGAP 1 and TGAP 2 but completed only the first, and she will be serving as Geekmaster for the first time for TGAP 3.  She is anxious to prove to herself– and you– that her initial success wasn’t a fluke, and that she really can do this again!