Week 52- Ashley Davene

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 52

Well loves – welcome, one last time to my dim lit corner – here I sit – legs laced on my stool – heart heavy on the inhale and weightless on the exhale suggesting that all things come & go – & the good ones forever – I love you as the light dims on this corner – I love you as the day breaks over each and every solitary moment – I love you in the timelessness of forever, in the flight of the doves wing, the neighbors cry, the mothers recognizing words, the fathers loving whispers, I love you as all the things that are, have been, will be and were, the stars lining with crimson moons and soaking up lifes moisture, I love the mist that anticipates every time you draw and release a breath, the heart beat in the chest that rises and falls, and I each time with it. I love you as everything, so you see in deed – my mystical friends- there is no begg. there is no end –

The rain fell against the window –transient

And I fell in love again there

All of the days tastes dropped into jars id collected

Id dipped lavishly into the river of all things

No plan in the rain stopping

No plan on what comes next or continuation

Waiting for the pulse to stop waiting for the water to turn off

And then the floods came

And I inhaled and exhaled with eyes and mouth open

Thought I couldn’t come over it

Thought id never live again or breathe again

Or live to hear a heartbeat inside of my body besides my own

Or a husband tell me he loves me

There in those waves water crashing

I became transient floating

Methodically with the current

Soothed by the upheaval to feel

Less than worthy of anything

Knowing that from that moment forward

I would not drink another meal

And eat another glass of water

Over coming in that moment the confiscating winds inside myself

Calming the tides , residing in a space of the ocean un-afraid

Truly, fully, not the victim – but at a

A café if you will, a cloud there floating

taken up

Am one with it

With everything and with nothing

And I know then

I know that I AM the great spirit

That we are one with all things

Stilling the hush of dilapidation

Surfacing weightless gliding

Effortlessly upon the blue cascading water

Raptured in frothy foamy surf

Some how returned to the shore

& all the better for it

-Friends and fellows- much love throughout this 52 week geek project – this wild beautiful ride on lifes rocket – projecting in shots that we all served up & I am grateful / blessed to have been able to share time, energy & space with such beautiful souls, & talented artists.

-ThE End


Ashley Davene

  1. Robyn says:

    And we are blessed to have shared it with you, Ashley. Thanks for being part of this “wild ride”!

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