Week 49 – Ashley Davene

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 49

-Solo Monologue-  Small town Southern Bell handles news of possible asteroid hit / apocoplypse – 12/21/2012 – gives a wealthy plantation owner a ring –

:::ring ring:::::

hey darlin yea its me callin uh huh – yes,  mmm sweet – so nice to hear your voice as well

your every bit as charmin as a sweet southern buscuit and refreshing to the lips as tupelo honey

so, I was reading today them old boys talking about an asteroid that was headed right on over this way toward our little bit plantation land in sweet virginia, can you even believe it? Now why would a big old rock wanna go and do a thing like that.

so…. so look honey….pause…honey I was thinkin… well being that its just me and … you know the old air plant and all and mr bo jangles, well honey maybe we could pack ourselves up right nice and come on down to your place if things get to start looking like them big old boys might be right… ill fix you some of them biscuits we were talkin bout, bring you over a jar of fresh made honey… be your little honey…

well honey what do you think?

…ohh really…


you dont think anythings bigs gonna be hittin, and I shouldnt be scared huh…

well… what about just incase…

… oh really… oh well great honey, Ill stock up on the supplies, you go buy us a helicopter.

oh now look honey your the best

(hangs up phone… )


I sure do hope them big ole boys are right! Id mighty like to spend that much time held up with handsome and a jar of tupelo honey.


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