Week 48- Ashley Davene

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 48

From the Garden one can learn a ton about life – in its ability to create – move forward, grow, transform 

the way peas climb up a trelace to cuddle against it

or flowers curve up vines to bloom next to their chosen lovers

mud squishing between feet as dirt is drenched while water pours down

seeds relishing in all things messy muddy – the core of their very being

and all the things they draw back to as they arch higher and higher toward the sun

sacred life springs forth from the garden

and so in the same way that I have desired this 52 week geek process to get me in the swing of consistent posting as an artist, as well as to grow and transform me – here are some garden examples of such a show –


Pumpkin first day in the ground 2/26/2012;

Pumpkin 3 days in the ground – thriving 2/29/2012;

Even Peas Like to Cuddle;

On February 5th Look how far away these loves were;

But they were determined to be together and so on February 26th – Behold;


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