Week 47 – Ashley Davene

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 47

The sky iridescently possible

Dancing for me there on and endless day

Sweet sugared water with fresh squeezed lemon

Remnants of violet – streaks of blueberry pie

And crumbs on my apron

There and all the world so full to me

The blades of grass bent under pieces of lace

The only trace of activity within me my heart beat

And the way my body responded to the heat

Perking up against it feeling home against the warmth of the worlds fireplace

A welcomed friend in a February wind

Is this what it means

As sweet drops of sweat roll into your mouth

Blueberries still strike the backsplash

Your temple is whole you are well

And suddenly you give it all back

In gratitude for each and every singular moment of your life

Whatever it was

However it felt

Whatever led you to this field of unconditional bliss with self

That when acting from that space life comes delicately


To be

Unconditionally tapped to the source

Without question

Without direction

That love knows where and when it is going

Even if you don’t know

And in that I fall back into the lilies

And into me I welcome all things

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