Week 43- Ashley Davene

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 43

If I were an Artist –

If every moment I were an artist

How would that mean I would live

If every color was endless

Would I give would I give

Would I live?

Would I paint to the top of the mountain

Would I swim with the whales in the sea

Like a flower that blooms and the petals that blow

Or the feather that floats and is free

Tint of dawn that erupts in the morning

Touch of day that waves into the night

Silver star that lights up our atmosphere

Radiant moon, lets us know we’re alright

If I could paint would I paint there

My orchestra

Broader strokes as the heat lifts with tune

If I were a painter would I be at that table

Taste of sunlight taste of paris

Taste of june

c. 2012  Ashley Davene


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