Week 41- Kelly Bennett

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Kelly Bennett, Week 41



 (Trying my hand at poetry this time)

Miracle Christmas Cat

Twas the night before Christmas,
Was cold dark and clear,
and a little black cat
in the road did appear.

His body torn open
by some native beast
intent on making our hero
part of a Christmas eve feast

Our hero cat, Jack,
ran straight to the lights
of an oncoming vehicle
from a party that night

Though red this sleds color,
no reindeer did lead
this SUV and family
saw they were greatly in need.

They scooped up our hero
and calmed his anxiety
bleeding, in their arms
brought him to the NH Humane Society.

They attempted to bandage
his life threatening wounds
so horrifying they were
made the shelter staff swoon

This tough little cat
climbed on my shoulder and cried
as we stabilized, cleaned,
and the wound we did debride.

We tucked in his insides
gave love and a prayer,
then to Capital Area Veterinary Emergency
for critical surgery there.

We prayed on the Christmas star
shining down from above,
to give the shelter a miracle,
an example of God’s love.

The call came in the A.M.
about half past eight
Jack, the Christmas miracle cat,
was doing just great.

Back to the shelter upon Christmas day
In need of a foster home to stay,
I didn’t have space, I had another cat
but his eyes told me plainly,
“I’m supposed to be YOUR Jack!”

“through blood and fear and blinding snow,
and wounds that would have killed another,
I came to you this Christmas Day,
for you to be my adoptive mother.”

One month in recovery a fateful blow hit
Jack’s surgery herniated, it had to be fixed quick,
Just past the New Years lively celebrations,
Jack was back under anesthia, recieving surgical reparations.

Recovery was swift
and sometimes quite comical
getting away with his antics,
in a collar quite conical

December 19th, nearly two years to the day
2011 Christmas nearly underway
our hero Jack, is again getting fixed
further surgery required, more hernias to stitch

But come summer in Meredith
not the dog that’ll be hiking
swimming in Lake Waukewan,
It’s all to Jack’s liking

he’s recovering quite well
no further surgeries in sight and
Jack’s promised he’ll nevermore
with a “fisher cat” fight
but I’ve heard him exclaim, in bed, out of sight
“Meowy Christ-mouse to all and to all a good night!”


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