Week 41 – Ashley Davene

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 41

A Sunday Kind of Feeling

 A tin can of flour is shaken off

The yellow paint cracks off and the bottoms a bit rusted

Mama wipes her hands on her apron

The clock hangs lightly against the wall

We never really rely on them

Sure we look at them and they remind us to wake up

To take lunch, to be at an important meeting

And we listen to them in this house for that reason

But other than that momma and daddy have no real place to be

Other then where they are

Atleast that’s how me and brother always feel

When they are wrapped in each others arms

When he’s making her laugh it rings out into the air

And its like time stands still there

We know that everything is right in the world

On these, grace filled Sunday mornings

I wait for the breakfast to be done,

For daddy to think up an adventure

Nothing really passes my mind

everything can wait for tomorrow

Today I am a witness of real love

 I am thankful


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