Week 40- Heather Ouellette-Cygan

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Heather Ouellette-Cygan, Week 40

Untitled Adolescent Novel

Chapter 3

“There’s something mysterious about that family,” said Bobby as she and Sherry talked on the phone later that night.

“Your just over imaginative,” laughed Sherry. “Ever since all the excitement this summer, you just are too serious.”

“You have to admit since the Deathhawks have been gone, it’s been pretty boring.”

“You can say that again!”

“You have to admit since -”

“Ha! Ha! Very funny.”

“I thought so.”

“I was being sarcastic. That’s about the oldest joke in the book.”

“While, as I was saying, that girl, the oldest one, ah, Cordelia, she was all bruised up with a broken arm.”

“So,” said Sherry.

“I think she’s abused.”

“Just because she has a few bruises, doesn’t mean she’s abused. She could have fallen down some stairs or something.”

“But she sure acted strangely. Don’t you think?”

“No. She’s just shy.”

“Where has your sense of adventure gone?”

“You’re just being silly. Now, stop it.”

“Well, maybe, but I just don’t know.”

“See you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay. Bye, Sherry.”


Bobby hung up the phone and rolled around on her back. She knew something was wrong.


“Good morning,” said Barbara as Julie opened the door and let her in.

“Sherry will be down in a minute. Then we can leave.” said Julie as she put her freshly made bagged lunch into her blue knapsack. Julie was Sherry’s younger sister, but only by one year.

“Where is Billy today?”

“He says he has a headache. But you know the real reason he stayed home is that Brooke Shields is going to be on The Merv Griffin Show today.”

“That little brother of yours is a pervert,” said Julie. “The only thing he thinks about is girls.”

“You said it. You know that woman across the street?”

“You mean the one with the big, ah, boobs?”

“Yea, the one who doesn’t pull up her shades when she changes. My mom caught my brother watching her through the window. Boy, did he get hell for that.”

“Good. Ah, there you are at last, Sherry. We’re going to be late again. C’mon.”


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