Week 40 – Ashley Davene

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Ashley Davene, Week 40

Happy New Year- Poetry- Happy – Happy – Love- Love

Its in her Purr

Kitty wakes up and brushes aside streamers and tassles

She blinks themoondust out of her eyes

She brushes her hair and sparkles fly

Noise streamers release into the day hailing

The magic of the night

Streaming into the morning

She blinks – the images soften

Her heart melts too and she serves it up

In a book, on her chest, as words to friends, songs she sings, and sometimes careless whispers

As everything about everything the magic folds in and out of her doing

She purrs, stretches her long paws

And laps up the cream in her bowl

Grateful for the decadence, grateful for the road

Grateful for the gray cat the purrs eloquently

And watches kitty from a fence post, through her window

Happy New Year she signals by dipping a paw into her breakfast

And savoring it

Happy new year she says to him though wordless

She loves him, you can feel it in her purr.


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