Week 40 – Brian Weeks

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Brian Weeks, Week 40

I am currently packing to move (just half a mile away to a really nice apartment complex) and in going through my things, I found an unfinished work of art I started around this time in 1995. I graduated high school in 1995, along with a couple of our fellow Geekz. While this was hardly my “favorite year” (That would be 1987 – long, involved story) there was so much that I felt needed to be documented, that I started doodling some of the private jokes, big events, and other such nonsense onto a large piece of melamine board. I penciled it in, and filled in a couple of areas in colored pencil.

Sixteen years later, I have finished the project. I re-outlined everything using black Sharpie marker, and then colored it all in using my vast array of colored Sharpies.

It’s pretty humorous to me now what I felt was important sixteen years ago, at the ripe old age of 18. Will I hang this up in the new place? Hell no. It’s going to storage, but I won’t get rid of it. This is a part of my history – now completed.


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