Week 39- Ashley Davene

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Uncategorized, Week 39

The Fullness of Love  

A dream bursts open

Pushed through the petals of the flower

Rising there with the dawn

The sun, arching down


The rain

Tears of absolution

Solitary reminders of the beauty

Crying eyes of the sky

Ever grateful for the present flower

With open petals and open dreams

Streams of magic reaching up


The sky that folds into

One flower wishing



Nutrients flooding its being

Pulled through from the soils of the earth

Life force presently existing meeting there in the middle

Forming the pathway from ground to sky to

The solitary flower in the middle

Light pink petals are full

Ready to be picked by the loving hand of the man that passes by

And honors this sacred space of fruition

The ripe flower, the petals, ready to fall

Back into the soil crying out for its time to

Share all of the love that it holds

Purpose to the heavenly manifestation

Comes from his hands gathered there

Steadily holding the stem

Chills rise up the spine

The thrill of walking presence

The reason for its birth

The petals feel alive caressing the flesh of his palm

Each step a sacred blend

Of everything

The flower he hands to the girl

Sitting in the grass in the garden

He finds her with her eyes closed, soaking up the sun

The rainbow filaments dropping down

The breath of air that is rising in her chest

the knowledge of ever constant connection

the flower a symbol of the love they grow

the love that manifests between them

the rain falls down around them

and all the petals fall

the flowers work is done

and now – there amongst everything

the two souls join as one


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