Week 37- Heather Ouellette-Cygan

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Heather Ouellette-Cygan, Week 37

Okay, so last weekend, I went out to the barn and retrieved a veritable time-capsule of my adolescent years. And, among my Michael Jackson memorabilia collection and numerous 80’s magazine clippings, ranging from Joy Division to Frankie Goes to Hollywood to (embarrassingly enough) Hall and Oates, was a bunch of my writing from both school and home.

The one piece I was hoping to find was there – this 30 page novel – which I hand wrote in 8th grade. So, I’ve decided to type it up, with little revision or editorial change, to discover the long-lost story a younger me created.

For this week’s submission, I’ve submitted the first half of “Chapter One” of my untitled novel. I’m enjoying rediscovering as I type. Who was the author of this?


An as of Yet Untitled Young Adult Novel

Chapter One

Cordelia walked down those old steps. The same steps she had walked down so many times before. But today was the last time ever. The last time she would ever leave this school. She was glad. Ever since her father had been arrested, she had become an outsider. Cut off from her “friends.” Even the teachers looked at her funny. That school was an awful, cold place for her.

She began to walk the usual way. As she walked by some bushes, out they jumped. About twenty kids, some of them who used to claim to be her friends.

“Corey, we heard you were moving, so we decided to have  a going away surprise for you, “ said Danny Brown, whom she had once had a crush on.

“That’s okay,” she said.

“Oh, but we must, dear Corey,” said June Winters as she swung around her numbchuk sticks.

“Please, will you just leave me alone!”

“Of course not,” said Danny.

They all came at her. There was nothing she could do. The punches, kicks were too much for her. She shut herself off. She couldn’t feel anything. She wasn’t there for at least twenty minutes. Then, they left.

“Now, tell your father to swindle us!” they yelled as they left her alone in her own pool of blood. She didn’t move. She could feel the pain now.


It seemed like hours when her mother and younger sister, Nina, finally reached her.

This wasn’t the first time they had met her after school, but it certainly was the worst.

“Oh, God! Look what they’ve done to her. Nina, get the first aid kit out of the glove compartment, fast!” said Aida as she bent down to her bruised daughter. “Honey, can you hear me? Can you talk?”

“Ye-, yes,” was Cordelia’s feeble reply.

“Okay, just keep quiet and don’t move. Hurry up with the first aid kit, Nina!”

“I found it!” Nina yelled as she ran to her mother, who was a nurse.

“Thank you.” Aida patched up her fifteen year-old daughter as best she could, then got her to the hospital.



“How is she, Frank?” Aida asked the doctor who had once employed her.

“Her right arm is broken in two places. She obviously has several bruises, and she has a slight concussion. We’re going to keep her over-night, but she’ll be fine,” replied the man in white lab coat.

“Is it still okay to move Monday?” asked Aida.

“If there is no change, yes.”

“Can I see her?”

“She is in room 236. Nina can go in too.”


“Hi, Baby. How do you feel?” asked the concerned mother as she entered room 236.


“I’m going to call the principal about those kids, Corey.”

“Please don’t, Mom. They’re just upset about the swindle.”

“That’s no reason for them to take it out on you. That was your father’s and only your father’s doing.”

“I know, but they are mad. Their parents were hurt. They have to take it out on someone.”

“Not you. The only person who deserves to be hurt is that lousy father of yours.”

“Well, he’s getting it in jail.”

“Yes, and by losing his family,” reminded Aida. “I hope he never finds us.”

“Mommy, are we going to see daddy again?” asked a small voice in the corner.

“No, honey,” answered Aida. “I’ve explained it all before. We are moving to a nicer place and we’ll make lots of new friends.”

“Oh,” was all Nina could reply. It hurt her to leave her father even though he’d been bad.

“Corey, you need your rest, so we can leave Monday. So you get some rest and I’ll be here tomorrow to visit, okay?”

“Bye, Mom,” said Cordelia. “I love you.”

“I love you too, darling.”



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