Week 36 – w.c. pelon

Posted: November 30, 2011 in w.c. pelon, Week 36

DIY Blended Crayons


I had some leftover crayon bits from my two previous submissions, so in keeping with my on-again off-again theme or repurposing,  I crushed the extras and melted them down in muffin cups to create new crayons with built-in color blending.



In the future,  I will use silicon muffin pans / molds with fun shapes (hearts, stars, etc.) and make them bigger:  this batch came out a bit thin and flimsy.

I do like the way each side has different color patterns, but the next time I may try melting the wax on the stovetop and pouring it into molds.  That way, I can create a layered effect by mixing different colors and allowing to cool between layers.

The muffin cups gave the crayons a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ridge around the edge, an effect I would like to avoid in the future.

  1. nhbear0823 says:

    The color palettes remind me, oddly enough, of the melamine lunch trays we’d get in the school cafeteria – a thought that is at once comforting and yet also a bit disturbing. LOL

    Another idea for making new DIY crayons might be if you can find any antique candle molds for small candles, they would come out about the same size as children’s jumbo crayons.

    What a cool Christmas gift that would be… homemade multi-colored crayons with homemade paper from recycled materials. 🙂

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