Week 34 – Ashley Davene

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 34

Great Mishapen Basket

 there I am with my basket

Clutched tightly to my heart

Standing in the market square as bodies sway apart

Would they see if they stopped to stare

What im hiding what Im hiding

My love burns hot my cupboards bare

Inside of me inside of me

The tock does tick

As moments pass

And each one does offend me

Reflection stares that’s cold as glass

I wonder if he’ll send for me  

What love to starve a maidens heart

And arms left undefended

My basket clutched against my heart

to silence the ways that I love him

tears that fall into the street

brand the dusty pavement

a breath that catches inside my breast

I wonder if he’ll save me

To love him not, the sands of time

Did not spin tight the earth

Deny the sweet of your caress

No sooner deny my birth

And so I hold against my heart

This great misshapen basket

So that it not fall apart

Another fool to grab it




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