Week 33-Michael Mooney

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Michael Mooney, Week 33

This is Halloween, This is Halloween.

Halloween has since come and gone and I had this ready to post a few weeks ago, however, I wanted to color this in and add the shadows prior to posting. As a graphic designer, it’s easy to redo or edit what you have done. As you all know, as an artist, -at times you can “redo” what has been done, however, working in pen there is no undo button.

That said, I am not too happy with the shadows on this and wish I could undo what has been done. Other than that I am happy with this. My other idea was to go back to this drawing and make the sky Black with ink, as this is night.

At times I don’t want to push a piece for fear of ruining it. If I do go back into it, I will start with pencil and work the ink into the background with undertones of Purple and Blue.


  1. sue OC says:

    I absolutely love this!! Fantastic work Mike!

  2. Mike M says:

    Thanks… I am happy with the color I added and I am glad I added it!

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