Week 32 – Ashley Davene

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Uncategorized, Week 32

so this weeks writing peice is just inspired by too much honey, rain, and emotion in a weekend – no, there is no such thing as too much honey, rain, or emotion – but! This great blend if you will folded together in the vaporry essence of my heart and combusted into an infusion of poetic words written from the perspective of an artist to her daughter – and how she might feel after her great quest of creation, to be in this role, at that very moment – an honoring of the great gift

and yes, perhaps even a little bit of what one could call – wishful thinking


– Serendipitous Eyes –

My feet pressing into the sandy shore

In all of its honey suckle sweetness – your head pressed against mine

Our embers dance with each others, our emotions caressing the flames

Building, joyfully in celebration, dancing in antiquity , in a space of preservation that states that the stars come out each night and that each morning the sun rises

The only time and space in which this type of love could thrive the only place where there could exist such a stillness, such an island

Coconuts hang low offering sweet creams, guavas temptingly roll before our feet, seashells and sand crabs scurry about, a sweet and gentle moon pulls and tugs the tides as I lock eyes – and in twine your fingers in mine

I see myself in you, and I see your father , his spirit, and I am glad for it, beyond the color I see the cosmos and I honor your journey from the stars, the way you now gift us daily as you unfold in all of your colors, in everyday where more and more you find yourself, the way that wood and glass seems to find its way upon the shore, the same magical current that washes all good things into our lives

This same dream that I taste now as the sunsets, as salt water droplets roll down my cheeks like the rains that folds over the tropical sky

It is now I know that my greatest creation has been accomplished, and my soul lives on, in your brave and serendipitous Eyes.


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