Week 31 – Ashley Davene

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Uncategorized, Week 31

Wonderland is said to be a different place or an imaginary realm. A portal that leads somehow to a wonderful world of possibilities where the things are larger than life, and whimsical, ethereal, malleable, and perhaps even a bit creepy when you get right down to it but in a place like wonderland you as the character become very real and present

Life is no longer an endless buffet of television, briefcases, cubicles, warmed up dinners, and thoughtless bull shit. No, why quite to the opposite when you are in a world like wonderland why just the site of a new thing before your eyes can invoke an adventure, a new found love or passion, – a wonderment –

Wonder – and all that many uses of the imagination – creation

The stroll down the lane is no longer boring or monotonous – it is daring and whimsical – each thing on the street holds life and in wonderland – these life’s speak to you, they reach out and touch you and fold you into their presence –

The wind is felt as a welcomed friend that comes to sweep through your hair or blow forward your chariot! Or blow, forward you hat- with hidden friends and treasures.

The person you pass on the street is not just some other person to look away from or throw out a half hearted smile – they are a character- a chitty chatty lady with round glasses a squealy voice and head dress? A round bellied butcher with welcome redness to his cheeks and hands as large as a bears? Or!

Prince charming! There- right there- performing for his supper and bed, there- up high in the window of the tower just past the end of the rainbow and over the shire- just ahead there – in the distant and you can feel him and in wonderland

The characters come and they know – and they tell you stories and let you in on secrets and offer you visions – in wonderland you take morning tea with sweet treats you lick honey off the spoon and swallow it down with warm words and friendship – you eat cake at any hour of the day and you frolick, you roll in the open air you enchant – where ever you are

So you see – wonderland is entered through a portal but only by the one that exists in our hearts- the one that we slip through each day as we rise, each sacred morning – the one we choose to embody each day – how the world Is perceived through our eyes – 

Choose the wonder- full – there is a reason that the word wonder also precedes the word full – thus suggesting that one who is rich with wonder if also full – up on all of the good thangs’


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