The Circus

This is the original Pen ink. I am thinking about coloring this in, as most of us know, color and the circus go hand in hand.  I am tempted to use marker and color pencil on this.  I want to use watercolor however, because of the paper I used, the drawing would be ruined.


This for sale for $85

  1. Robyn says:

    Mike has been known to scan an original b&w, then color a copy of it. I don’t know whether you could print a copy onto watercolor paper, but if so I think that’d be the way to go.

  2. Be says:

    I would stay away from markers. I think that’s an overkill.
    I like it as it is.
    Sometimes we don’t need to point out everything, leave the colouring to the mind. Everyone will make their own inside their heads.
    It’s pretty obvious it’s a cirkus anyway and the colours in a real cirkus are mostly there to take away our fokus from the ordinary, adding fake magic. I like this confusion between the ordinary and the magic better than the obvious colourful spectacle.

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