Week 30 – Ashley Davene

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Uncategorized, Week 30

We Saw


Well since you all know my art is my life – my life and the beauty of everyone in it created today’s submission. Waking from a night of fabulous moon-ness – I took a look around at the things that waited there for me , I saw these things as not a mess, but a present, a sure sign of presence in my life and of the million ways it is showing up for me

And since I wasn’t able to snap any shots last night, and since everyone snaps shots of the party happening anyway, I thought it would be fun to make an art project of the aftermath of the party, that if you look at the trinkets and such tell a story all their own about the times, the peoples, the magic

and then if you really get silly and think about things being super fun, perhaps the party was having a party all of its own while watching us … who knows 🙂 But it does make for an interesting perspective for a picture and a fun little story of characters

Alter of The Moon Goddess – sworn to silence after circle – you want get a word out of us- hmmph

Yes, there was hooping – we Saw Everything – we’ll tell it all have a seat, grab a drink, make yourself comfortable

Tehehehe- ohh why yesss, there were pretty people present tehehehe we were there


Guests In the Window

We Saw You

 We Might Have yes.. perhaps we did … and then we danced in the fountain i do believe..yes

“ehhhhh we didnt see anything man we were just like laid back maxin and relaxin you know -uhhhh is that marble cake I see in your hand there?”

Very “Special” Brownies for very special Friends…

Infused w/ Love – thc- and Slathered with Dolce De Leche… Dreamy Moon Cakes Baby

The End , yes it was sizzlin and we’d do it again

the point is that its completely over the top and stereo typical – much love

  1. Just as I imagined it as I gazed up at the Beautiful Moon last night 🙂

    Thanks for sharing ❤

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