Week 29 – Ashley Davene

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Week 29

lalalalalalala I dont want to talk about it – enjoy

The sweetest taste 

Sweet amber dust dips on the night

Rolls down the streets to that room

There in the dusted sunlight

Where books are stacked and papers drape over piles and hide under furrowed scratches of lovers tongues through hands met, paper, steadied by present thought through finger tip there and only there lay seen by any other then the heart, these want desires these longings for the time when cheek is pressed against neck, tongue against heat that reaches to your ear and softly whispers lover I am here these fevered scribbles lay open fading in the sunlight against the paper as the intensity of truths meet with the sun each morning in the garden and insist that the flowers bloom the same intensity that forges every river, the same drive that tempts the water onward to carve and caress to possess each thing in its path, to offer up its watery home, the same drive that blazes the fire the same want that urges it to die when deprived and stripped of its oxygen – the love that lays on those willowing papers the same love that I fear walks with me each step I take home the same love that denies me breath if not to breathe each breath taking in you


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