Week 25 – Ashley Davene

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Ashley Davene, Uncategorized, Week 25

The Koi, is a majestic fish – fish in general symbolism emotion, dream space, and the mystic world simply by living in the water. I have also taken note that if you loose your gaze in the water they speak to you of truths, they can transform you into a state of grace, and clarity where all seems easy – all seems possible. Today I draw on the strength of the Koi, and I create poetry in their honor, and 2 pictures – oil pastel on  paper.

Shimmering koi

my dreams escalate with the ripples of the water

the scales transform to coins

with the off gaze of my eyes

twinkling in rapture

captivate me and Im

soaring through time space and falling

into the bottom of a spiraling portal

 like alice through the looking glass

my passage the enchanted back scales of the koi 

glistening like crystals in the sun they mezmorize

and I see my dreams unfold 

between the dawn, and twilight, the shimmering gold

mimics my hearts desire

and suddenly – in this mystic watery world

everything seems possible

  1. I really like this one, nicely dones 🙂

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