Week 24- Devin Eldridge

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Devin Eldridge, Week 24

                                               gray zoo


Things to See and Do

Visitor Center

Try a variety of different activities in our visitor center. Feel what some animal furs are like. Make some tracks in our sandbox or see the many different places in Maine to look for Wildlife.


From the park you can visit the Dry Mills Fish Hatchery which raises thousands of Brook Trout annually.Nature Store

For those interested in shopping, the Nature Store carries a variety of Nature related items for all ages.

Snack Shack

A little hungry or thirsty? Head for the Snack Shack which serves a variety of different snacks and drinks. The Snack Shack is run by The Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park. All proceeds are used to improve the park.

Tree Trail

Strolling the Tree Trail, you can see and read descriptions of a variety of Maine Trees. Learn how to use a biltmore stick to measure tree heights and lumber yield. Visit our outdoor classroom and see how much wood is in a cord or how a lumberyard would cut logs.

Wetland Trail

Take a walk around our wetland area. There are many wild animals that can sometimes been seen such as fish, birds and turtles.




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