Week 23 – Heather Ouellette-Cygan

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Heather Ouellette-Cygan, Week 23

Yesterday, Doug and I traveled to the seacoast and saw the “Street A.K.A. Museum” Exhibit at and around the Portsmouth Museum of Art. The exhibit featured workz by street artistz from all over the globe both in the gallery and outside on the structures around Portsmouth.

This, of course, raises questions about the very nature of the art form itself: if the “street art” is sanctioned by a museum and by the owners of the structures on which the work is painted, does it cease to be “street” art? Is this the artist “selling out”?

To add to the conundrum,  a few of the pieces that are part of the “street” part of the exhibit have been “vandalized” (or had additions made) by local artists. As the curator at the museum told me of this and then, later, when I witnessed the additions, I smiled to myself and thought, “Isn’t that the point?” I hope the artistz would also agree.

Anyway, in the end, the work was exciting and fresh and sparks debate about the very nature of graffiti and street art and of art itself and isn’t that one of the best things artistz can hope for? For people to have debates based on our workz?

The “Street A.K.A. Museum” exhibition will be up until September 11th – if you have a chance, go check it out. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, after viewing the art, Doug and I settled at a table in Prescott Park and did some quick sketches. They are not really representative of the style of the workz we experienced; however, on some subconscious level, I am sure they were inspired by it.

Here are my sketches:

Grief Pools around Her Ankles

Eventually Everything Trickles Down


Strike the Set


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